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we are going to be talking about the Air Max 95 I’m going to do a full review on that I’m also going to be hitting you guys with 5 facts that you probably did not know about these Air Max 95 this is some stuff that I’m brand-new to man I just barely found out a couple of these facts I won’t be sharing that with you as well but before we get started make sure you guys subscribe to this channel hit that Bell right there turn on those notifications you guys are going to get an email alert every single time I upload brand new sneaker content trust me man you guys don’t want to miss a thing we are heating up here on CJ city TV but with no further ado man let’s just talk about these bad boys right here the Air Max 95 such an iconic shoe we got the gold metal editions right here but before we get into all the specs and all the details I’m going to be hitting you guys with five facts that you probably did not know about these Air Max 95 no particular order but let’s just start off with fact number 5 the first thing that I want to touch on is the price point man we all know that the price point suggested retail right now is 160 but did you guys know that when these sneakers first came out they retailed at 140 I know you guys are probably going to hear that right now like 140 that’s a still I would love to get those for 140 but listen this was back in 1995 yellow sneakers were not that much back then this was an overpriced sneaker they didn’t think this shoe was going to do good anything people were going to buy it it was just way too much back then I’m telling you I’ve been collecting sneakers for a long time I remember specifically the bred 11s were 135 so just think about that the brand Elevens were 135 and these Air Max 95 were 140 that was just like insane I was unheard of way back then that was just really high and I didn’t think the shoe is sell out anything the shoe is going to do good but surprisingly enough this shoe became really popular probably started off in the UK then it kind of came over here to the other state and then people really really love the shoe sold out there really great we all know the history but that’s just kind of crazy to me that 140 was just extremely hot back then there so that’s fact number five fact number four that I want to talk about is actually going to involve the actual silhouette of this sneaker match so you know we all see this Nike sign right there right guess what the original concept the original design did not have the Nike sign man I forget the guys name names like Sergio or something like that he was working with Tinker Hatfield and he did not want the Nike Sun on this sneaker man he actually just thought it was going to like take away from the design he wanted that you guys are going to understand later but he wanted the concept to really be the story of this shoe not the Nike Sun obviously Nike was not born with that economic that kind of sound like something Kanye would do right you know trying to talk the brand out of taking off the brand logo that’s funny man but yet Nike wasn’t feeling that obviously they wanted to have the Nike Sun on there they were kind of going back and forth with that they decided to do it but he said just to try to make it as subtle as possible that’s why you only get one little Nike sign right here on the hill and it kind of just blends in with the design you don’t have a Nike sign here one on the tongue you know one big check at the bottom there’s nothing on the flip side or nothing like that so that’s just kind of like an interesting concept as well the original silhouette they didn’t want to have the Nike sign on there man so sack number three we are going to talk about the silhouette we’re talking about the silhouette right did you guys know that this sneaker did so good they decided to do a rear Etro and the rear Etro was fail all the way man this sneaker came out with a zipper right here a goddamn zipper meant it what kind of reminds me of like the Gary Payton the gloves and all those sneakers that were kind of popular way back then you know I’ll give you a little close-up of the picture right here man look at this we sneak it right here ugly silhouette design I don’t know what they were thinking with this one man it was kind of a rare shoe not rare because it was like limited and not a lot of people had it not a lot of people wanted him and it came out did like terrible they took it off they didn’t rear Etro it didn’t come out again it was actually just a hideous shoe if I’m not mistaken I actually think they did two colorways of this that’s kind of crazy in my opinion but yeah man can you imagine if that’s you would’ve out popular that damn zipper on its air max that would have been terrible but anyway man fact number two just sticking on the whole concept right you know they actually came out with a woman’s boot it was like a knee-high boot of the Air Max 95 and it wasn’t fake either you know there’s been a lot of pictures of like women Jordan boots and stuff like that we all see the boot legs that shoe was actually a real sneaker it actually retailed women actually Wardak see body same thing was a major fail did not do good at all so they did away with that concept and yeah we don’t get any reread rows of those I wouldn’t be buying my wife any of those anyways and then so uh yeah that’s fact number two and then fact number one this is crazy this is something that I honestly just found out I’m not even gonna front I just found this out the silhouette and the concept of this sneaker is supposed to be like the human anatomy or something like that right so I kind of break it down a little bit you can look at the back right here you could tell that the design they have right there that black part is supposed to be like the spine like on the human the back is your spa that’s crazy I didn’t know that so we’ll look at the sides right here as well you guys can see the islets the islets are supposed to kind of represent like a rib or the rib cage so you can look at the eyelid and then it goes all the way down to like this ripple effect right here that’s supposed to represent the ribs the rib cage I didn’t know that we’ll go ahead and take a look at this mesh material right here you guys can see that it’s kind of like a unique design right there and it also has it on the other side that’s supposed to represent the lungs of the human body this is crazy man the crazy concept and they also decided to make like this mesh material the concept behind the mesh is the fact that it’s kind of like breathable your foot can breathe just like your lungs it can breathe so this has a whole concept behind it that’s something that I’m honestly you know I’m not ashamed to say but I just barely found that out I just wanted to share those facts with all the people out there just in case you did not know but anyway let’s just get into the good this is what everybody came forward right so let’s just talk about these Air Max 95 gold editions right here BAM oh man what a beauty man I know that 97 came out as well I don’t know this is more popular I’m filling the 97 just a little bit more but I’m actually filling these as well that’s why I’ve got my hands on a pair of these so let’s just take a look at all the specs and all the details I’ll put this one down and we’ll go ahead and take a look at this sneaker right here BAM as you guys can see right there like I explained earlier we have that ripple effect that’s supposed to look like the ribs right there it just makes it even better once you understand the concepts but yeah man I’m really filling that hole ripple effect on this Air Max 95 I’m definitely feeling that let’s just go ahead and let’s just take a look at these laces right here the lacing system we have those circular laces right there and it’s kind of like a tan material or something like that but it’s just like a perfect contrast to it man I feel like it blends in very well actually in some lights it might actually look like it’s all one solid colors the same color so I really like the fact that they went with these laces on here we’ll go ahead and we’ll just look at the flip side and look at this air unit right there BAM you guys can see all white midsole right there air unit if you guys look closely man that air unit is going to be a metallic goal right there as well so I’m definitely feeling that man yeah other than that it’s just a basic you know Air Max 95 and gold we have you know our Air Max bottom right here not affect I don’t think I told you guys man they actually incorporated the spine on the bottom right here you guys can see it’s like a spine so it’s supposed to represent like the human anatomy the spine right there and then the spine that’s on the back right there as well so yeah that’s definitely adult touch Air Max 95 this is going to be the gold metal edition we have our our Nike embroidered rewrite their is well on the back so uh tell me what you guys think of this sneaker I don’t know if you guys are going to be lucky enough to get your hands on both if you are solu to you but if you can only get one Lido’s comment down below let me know which ones you guys are feeling a little bit more you guys killing these 95 or you got some in the 97 but that’s pretty much going to wrap up this review I hope you guys enjoyed like I said make sure you guys subscribe to this channel I got a lot of content coming I appreciate all the love we are almost at 25k guys I’m definitely going to be doing another Nike ID giveaway man so make sure you stay tuned make sure you subscribe to the page turn on the notifications I’m appreciating all the love so until next time I’m signing off I’m CJ city man peace

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