Best nike men’s air max 1g golf shoes

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the men’s nike air max 1 g golfing shoes raise your game and your style. these nike golf shoes are designed with fashion inspired with the aid of the unique nike air max 1 and performance functions which can be splendid for the route.

the flexible, traction outsole offers you the grip and freedom-of-movement you need with each swing. full-period phylon foam in the midsole cushions every step so you can experience all-day comfort. the men’s air max 1g golf shoes are a have to-have for this golfing season.

nike guys’s air max 1 golfing shoes

spikeless layout

fabric uppers are lightweight and breathable

synthetic leather wraps round shoe above outsole to preserve out water

foam midsole and seen max air unit cushions each stride

spikeless outsole flexes together with your foot for clean transition from path to street

included traction sample on outsole affords superior grip

tgw moisture rating: no moisture protection, endorsed for dry conditions best

weight: 15.2 ounces

all shoes are indexed in u.s. sizes

carry your avenue fashion to the tee container with the the men’s air max 1g golf shoes. with a water-resistant artificial leather-based upper, the air max 1 g affords consolation and durability on each shot even as the design info from the authentic air max 1 will flip heads everywhere in the route.

the air max 1 g from nike elevates an icon with info made for the route. artificial overlays mimic the design of the authentic air max 1, whilst assisting keep your feet dry. a visible max air unit cushions every step for comfort from the primary tee to the very last inexperienced. a must-have style this season.

nike men’s air max 1 g nrg spikeless golf shoes

an icon for the direction.

the nike air max 1 g nrg elevates an icon with information made for the course. artificial overlays mimic the layout of the authentic air max 1, even as assisting your toes stay dry. a max air unit cushions each step for consolation from the first tee to the very last green


layout details are stimulated by the original nike air max 1.

seen max air unit in the heel cushions every step.

included traction pattern gives you superb grip.

no-sew overlays help keep water out.

approximately nike new air max 1 g spikeless golf footwear

with versatile traction and a luxurious midsole, these nike golfing shoes give you comfort and first rate grip in a variety of situations.

nike air max 1 g spikeless golf shoes mimic the design of the authentic air max 1, and combine that with integrated traction and seen max air unit cushions for stability and luxury in every step.

those nike golf footwear feature a spikeless outsole that is inspired by using nike articulated incorporated traction, with an outsole that flexes along with your foot to sell a smooth, heel-to-toe transition.

those shoes are best made in medium width.

product features

higher shoe features

synthetic leather-based – wraps across the shoe above the outsole to assist hold out water.

layout details – inspired by means of the authentic the men’s air max 1g golf shoes.

debossed eyestays – enables boom durability.

in-shoe functions

seen max air unit – within the heel cushions your foot on each step for all-day comfort.

full-period foam midsole – offers a stable feel and light-weight consolation.

outsole features

spikeless outsole – stimulated with the aid of nike articulated integrated traction, this outsole flexes together with your foot to sell a easy, heel-to-toe transition.

nike air – debossed at the heel.

an icon on path. the nike air max 1 g elevates an icon with information made for the course. artificial overlays mimic the layout of the authentic air max 1, even as supporting keep your toes dry. a visible max air unit cushions each step for consolation from the primary tee to the very last inexperienced. – no-sew overlays assist hold water out. – seen max air unit inside the heel cushions every step. –

incorporated traction pattern complements grip. – design details are inspired by means of the original nike air max 1. – complete-duration phylon foam midsole provides lightweight comfort and a solid sense. – “nike air” is debossed on the heel. –

stimulated by means of nike articulated integrated traction, the outsole flexes together with your foot to sell a clean, heel-to-toe transition.

– debossed eyestays add durability


in terms of finding approaches to improve your golf game, system might be the first aspect that comes to mind. and rightfully so. however the small things be counted, too, hundreds of touch-usathroughout all aspects of your game, beyond the importance of finding the fine clubfitter, may even up your recreation,

which is why we’re introducing a brand new section on this impact titled ‘improve your game.’ you might not assume that a pair of shoes or a foam roller will decrease your handicap, however you would be amazed how lots muscle healing or a greater at ease pair of shoes subjects. to that impact, we are writing approximately the nike air max 1g golfing footwear.

switching in a brand new pair of golfing footwear is an smooth way to upgrade your sport. enhancing your style (and self assurance), helping your swing and including some much-wanted consolation are all important. for those looking for a style-forward appearance in terms of golf shoes, nike currently released an all-black pair of 1gs. as a fun introduced element, these black golf footwear have reflective panels at the midsole and nike swoosh logo that makes them shine even greater.

nike released the air max 1g golf shoe in february in white, grey-pink and black with a white midsole. the simple patterns were complemented by means of unique-edition remixes, inclusive of a grass-blanketed pair, camo or even a denim model. the shoe is stimulated by way of the 1987 iconic tinker hatfield design of the air max 1 sneaker. the shoe has for the reason that visible dozens of iterations and become a success inside the golf global as soon as an on-path pair became made.

from a widespread profile angle, the nike air max 1 g is pretty a lot dead on.  the form is set as near as you can get to the unique at the same time as making it useful for golf.  given the air max 1 g has to preserve up to golfing conditions, the shoe is all leather in place of more than one textiles like the regular am1.  as referred to,

there’s an extraordinary “grass” inexperienced pair, and there’s additionally a limited “pay day” pair with dollar bill print on it.  the ones are going for pretty massive markups on ebay right now, but the classics are the greater universally appealing options.  the first releases of the air max 1 g came in the traditional og white


the defining element that makes these golfing footwear true to the authentic sneaker is the seen air wallet in the midsole. the air max footwear had been the primary shoe to achieve this. this provides extra cushion on the heel it is felt in every step. a lightweight foam surrounds the wallet, lining the complete midsole for a comfy-yet-stable put on.

although they’re no longer absolutely water-resistant, the nike air max 1g golf shoe is designed with synthetic overlays to maintain water out. the traction sample on the lowest of the shoe gives an impressive quantity of grip for a spikeless golfing shoe.

there are few extra iconic strains in the records of sneakers than nike air max.  sneakerheads all internationally have coveted the traditional designs for many years.  nicely, nike has been no stranger to bringing some of their traditional sneaker silhouettes to the golfing course for awhile now, however their modern-day is effortlessly one of the first-class.  i’m talking approximately the enduring nike air max 1 golfing shoe.  nike made huge splashes with their air max 1 release due to the confined “grass” version (it’s literally all inexperienced and looked like turf – it’s candy), however in addition they released conventional og colorways as properly.  now not most effective is the the men’s air max 1g golf shoes that might make a sneakerhead proud, but it’s a solid golfing shoe too.

a part of the air max 1 g’s attraction for me is that it’s a fairly neutral shoe that offers you an average laid-lower back look however nevertheless flows nicely at the golf direction.  if you need a modest appearance, the white or black alternatives are amazing.  but, if you need to step it up, the og white/red gives you a bit extra flash that stands proud just a piece more.  like making a robust assertion with out going absolutely overboard.

admittedly, the nike air max 1 g is a chunk stiff out of the container.  there may be going to be a break-in duration.  with ordinary use even though, that ought to go quick.  in terms of wellknown comfort, carrying these feels just like sporting the ordinary sneaker!  it’s literally one of the satisfactory avenue/life-style footwear of all time and precisely what i’m seeking out.  through combining a light-weight phylon midsole and air max unit, the air max 1 g is both extremely secure and solid.  while a reasonably easy shoe, the am1 is excellent for that 18 hole stroll you’ve got in advance of you.

one crucial factor to note about the air max 1 g is that it does have a narrower in shape.  i’m far from a wide-footed shoe man and those had been comfortable.  as they destroy in, they will lighten up and might be masses comfortable, but you wide-fit gamers ought to attempt them on first and decide for yourself.  in phrases of “heel-to-toe,” the air max 1 g is quite true to length – just slender.

as stated within the comfort phase, the nike air max 1 g is pretty snug.  while this could create comfort troubles for some (definitely making overall performance irrelevant), others will locate this to make the shoe extra supportive and better for golf.  my feeling turned into that the air max 1 g felt sturdy at the floor and supportive thru the swing.  it does have a taller mid sole, so players that want to be “towards the floor” won’t be a fan.

in terms of traction at the route, the air max 1 g is superb.  true, those are classified as spikeless, but you may see the “nubs” on the sole are pretty critical.  when taking your stance, it’s nearly like you’re locking into velcro.  i remember the fact that can be hard to assume, however that’s what keeps coming to my thoughts.  allow me point out to you that slick surfaces are not exactly the am1 g’s first-class friend.  on difficult concrete, the air max 1 g is a nice stroll, but slick wet concrete or asphalt could spell catastrophe earlier than you get at the course.  in reality, dry, tough, slippery tee bins and fairways may want to reason similar issues at some stage in the swing.  in brief, the air max 1 g is extremely good on grass wherein they can lock in, but i wouldn’t classify them as a real “street to course” spikeless shoe.

i individually love the the men’s air max 1g golf shoes and i’m pumped nike delivered it to the links.  that said, i’d say it’s in large part due to the fact i’m fortunate that they suit me well and that i’m a sneaker junky.  these, much like jordan golf shoes, have nostalgic cost that plays a key role in my love for the shoe.  positive,

the am1 is a perfectly correct golfing shoe, however nike has masses other fashions that extra players may find acceptable.  however, for the guys like me out there, the air max 1 g is incredible and i can assure you that this can be a popular summer shoe on the golfing path.

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