5 Reasons To Choose Nike Air Max Running Shoes Over Other Brands

nike men’s air max running shoes

hi our frinds on 4sport4.com it is our review of the Air Max  after two months of use! ,

Nike Air Max 97

Are Air Max OK for running?
Are Air maxes running shoes?
Is Airmax good for workout?
Are Air Max 97 running shoes?
Can I run in Air Max 200?
Are Air Max 95 running shoes?
we’ll talk about its features, why this Air Max was released as a running shoe, but is now categorized as a lifestyle shoe, if it’s good for training and why I would only wear these casually. The Air Max released at the end of 2016, but the only reason we’re making a on it now is because I got it back in November during a black Friday deal, or the version of a black Friday deal back in usa .

Nike Air Max 270

The shoe retails for $190 USD, which is just a little higher than the shoes that we tend to cover here on the But that actually brings me to my first point about them, and that is that they’re good for a shoe that’s been out for more than six years. It’s a decent shoe, to wear casually at least, but the way I see it  and you can get a Vapormax shoe which will be a more modern take on the same concept from this one.

Nike Air Max 2090

On the other hand, though, you still have plenty of Air Max options out there, for example the Air Max 270, which could save you anywhere between $30 to $50 USD; that I personally think would provide an overall better experience and still give you a more modern look. But if you still want to buy a pair of these, I got them on US Size 11, which is true size for me; and I’m happy to tell you that they fit just fine, so you can get them on your usual size. Starting at the upper, it’s quite rigid and it’s a combination of a synthetic mesh and Nike’s own Fly mesh. This combination runs throughout the upper in addition to a bit of cushioning, or molded foam, as Nike calls it, to create a very unique pattern that takes up most of the midcourt and heel areas of the shoe. The molded foam starts at the bigfoot because Nike intended to use the design in order to add more security to this area of the shoe, but it is a bit too close to feeling narrow. The upper is also not the most flexible.

The shoe feels quite robust and heavy, and they feel like they’re very uniform and a bit too structured. The cushioning or foam extends to other areas of the upper, like the tongue and collar, but it also feels like they overdid it. The cushioning at the collar specifically can become uncomfortable from time to time. It feels secure for the most part as it locks your ankle down with a decent, adjusted feeling but it’s a more rigid type of cushioning; and it sometimes feels like it digs into your ankle and creates some discomfort.

Nike Air Max 97

On top of that, the rubber covers most of the entire bottom of the shoe with a very restrictive pattern and there is little to no flexibility because of it. The shoe feels a bit restrictive and flat when you’re walking, but the real issue happens if you want to use it for performance; because then you’re gonna have a hard time like I did. When I first got the shoes, I noticed that the insole had Nike “Running” branding on it; which made me a bit confused because when I got them, they were under lifestyle shoes and not categorized as running shoes. And Air Max shoes have a history of being used, or even categorized as running shoes, so that wasn’t as much of a surprise. So that forced me to make an assumption about the shoes, and I think it’s a rather simple one: the shoes are not good for running

the best running shoes from nike as we speak and to that occasion i’ll be zooming in to show you some technologies that they’re using and implementing in these shoes

some might argue that this is the quickest foam in the world and you might just zoom by everybody else if you’re running in this i know that’s bad let’s zoom out react is the second foam that nike is really pushing to the masses it’s the longer lasting more durable foam it’s super soft and nice to run in and it lasts a little bit longer than the sumex now nike is making a lot of type of foam but they’re not name dropping a lot so react  is the most common type of foam you find in their shoes nowadays next up is the air zoom pockets they’re on the outside of this shoe and you can find them on the inside of for example the pegasus 38 as well they’re there to help you with your stride and make you run more efficiently now nike is not the first to implement a carbon plate in a running shoe other brands have also done that but implementing it together with a super highly responsive foam like sumax has not been done before and it was a game changer and has made every other brand on the market play catch up


remember to write a comment down below we’re happily answering questions if you have any questions about running shoes when introducing the running shoes we’re starting off with the neutral shoes and we’re starting on the max cushion department the vomero 16 is a high mileage neutral daily trainer that puts comfort first you have this new introduction with sumex in the core to give you a nice bouncy and comfortable experience and an air pocket in the front to get that extra springy step on your toe off if you want a shoe for the long miles with plenty of padding around the heel and a luxurious comfort then the vomero 16 would be a great option for you the nike react mylar is the long distance running shoe with the react foam in it it has a little bit more of a stability features and it is perfect for those longer runs it’s still meant for neutral runners but will give you a tiny bit more support along the ride and some more space in the toe box if your feet swell

the react foam is reacting like it should for a long time and it fits perfectly in a long distance running shoe this one cushioning wise goes a little bit between the romero and the pegasus the vomero 16 has a faster sibling and that’s this the nike pegasus 38 which is probably the most popular neutral running shoe from nike it’s lighter and a tiny bit firmer but without compromising too much on the cushioning if you want the ultimate do-it-all shoe then your search has ended period now we’re over to the stability category and we’re starting with the nike infinity run 2 which is the stability equivalent of the react myler this one is perfect for those longer rides it has a little bit more stability and is one of those shoes that nike is pushing right now in their quest to prevent running injuries here you get a lot of react foam a nice comfortable ride a wider platform and a guide rail type of thing around the heel for some added stability a perfect long run shoe or daily trainer for those who want a shoe with more stability if you need a more classic stability shoe then the structure 24 is the way to go it has a medial post on the inside for more stability a comfortable upper and more structure around the heel pun intended it’s a daily trainer with stability that can handle everything you put it through even though the pegasus gives you wings we all know that nike is better at one thing than everybody else and that is dominating the fast game so up next are the tempo and race shoes and we’re starting with the zoomfly 4 nike’s everyday trainer it has a full-length carbon plate and is made with a more durable react foam a perfect trainer for everyday faster workouts



or if you want to let your body get more used to a carbon plate but don’t want to use up the pure blooded rate shoes it’s heavier and more durable but perfect for the daily miles where you want to sprinkle in a little bit of higher pace if you want fast and light but you don’t want a pure carbon racer then the tempo next percent is the right way to go with the sumax midsole this one is a perfect companion to the faster racing shoes this one has a softer and nice and plush heel for those soft and delicious landings and a double airpod in the front to help you go faster it offers a plate but a combined carbon and plastic plate that will be less stiff and more forgiving to run in a perfect choice if you want speed without the aggressive ride of a carbon plate now on to the ratios and if you’re looking for the holy grail of long distance running then these shoes are unbeatable they’re both light as feathers with sumex and carbon plates inside the vapor fly next percent 2 is by many still their first choice when running longer faster distances it’s proven to work and feels a bit more responsive than the bigger and softer alpha flying next percent the combination of a carbon plate and the zoom x foam has forced every other brand on the market to adapt to this new way of making running shoes if you want the fastest and the softest running shoe for your pr quest then this is the way to go nike has put every technology they have to make


this shoe as fast as possible you have two air zoom units in the front a full length carbon plate inside the sumax midsole and a very breathable and light upper it is as i said ultra soft and ultra fast and will help you towards your quest of beating records now over to the trail segment and we’re starting with the pegasus trail 3 which is the perfect do-it-all shoe if you’re running a little bit in the forest a little bit on asphalt you can do almost anything

it has enough grip to satisfy most casual trail runners running casually and has a lot of cushioning that will make this shoe perfect when used as a hybrid on many different surfaces the pegasus trail 3 has a react midsole that will be very durable and usable on a variety of surfaces without feeling too firm now the shoe doesn’t have very deep lugs and that influences how this shoe performs in muddy terrain but nike has a different horse for that and that’s the nike wild horse 7 which works a little bit better in technical terrain and if you’re out and it’s more muddy and slippery it still has that great react midsole but deeper lugs for more aggressive grip on surfaces it can still be used as a hybrid shoe but it’s more meant for pure trail running than the more casual pegasus trail 3.


and that’s the end of the Article finishing off with two fantastic horses one with wings and one a little bit more wild and that’s it a fantastic lineup and i hope it is Article helped you decide what shoes you want to buy now remember to subscribe on our website 4sport4.com  and write a comment down below if you have any questions about running shoes  you


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