hexagon dumbbell set with rack

if you are prepared to boost heavier weights at home, now is the time to purchase a new set of dumbbells for your private home exercising periods. the heavier the weight the higher the results, however make sure you begin small first. discover a number of our top 70-pound dumbbell alternatives and determine which of these choices are for you.

it features a hexagon-fashioned head to save you the dumbbell from rolling whilst no longer in use or storage. for higher grip, it boasts a textured manage that prevents the person from by accident dropping it at the floor or worse, their ft.

it includes 17 distinct dumbbell weight alternatives multi function device, that means you could maintain your workout space clutter-unfastened from one of a kind dumbbells. it also comes with a garage tray for less difficult garage.

it combines 12 specific dumbbells in one workout tool, and it’s far made to keep area in your exercising station at domestic.


the set comes with two dumbbells, and a total of sixteen special plates. they’re built with first-rate substances coated with a black paint finish to prevent rust and corrosion. it could now not have all of the bells and whistles however it is certainly the most long lasting choice.

are the weights themselves solid steel below the neoprene?

solution:the ‘brutto’- weight of one 1lb-dumbbell is wb = 460.9g. to know the extent i positioned it within the pyrex measuring cup with 800ml of water – the water level will become 890ml (this measuring is not exact however i have what i’ve) – so v = 90ml one ml of water is 1cm3. i pick cgs-device (cm – g – sec), now not si. to guess the metallic i have to put off neoprene volume vm = v – vn. in evaluation of geometry i replaced  hexagons with their corresponding circles and all round squares with straight angled ones. i wager neoprene is h=2mm thick inclusive of gaps. vn= ~ h x 4 x (three.14 x d1^2/four) – 2 x (3.14 x do^2/four) + 2 x 6 x yo x zo + 3.14 x do x z = zero.2cm x 3.14 x 4.3cm^2 – 3.14 x 2.4cm^2/2 + 2 x 6 x 2.1cm x 1.6cm + three.14 x 2.4cm x eight.6cm = zero.2cm x fifty eight.09cm2 – nine.05cm2 + forty.32cm2 + sixty four.84cm2 = 30.84cm3 . the weight of the steel is the ‘netto’- weight wo = 454g. the density is: d = wo / vm = 454g / (90cm3 – 30.8cm3) = ~7.7g/cm3 – the forged iron density is: d(fe) = 7.87g/cm3. i ought to congratulate myself with a quite appropriate guess that the metal inner this 1lb-dumbbell is a sort of solid iron. even though stainless-steel is inside the same variety but i think they took the most inexpensive variant. so possibly if neoprene isn’t airtight sufficient then the iron inner this dumbbell ought to rust. i wiped it dry after I submerged it in a water. i do not assume that my sweat could penetrate and humidify that iron to rust except it’s already did rust which i doubt. at least i understand for positive that it is no longer lead (pb) internal. it’s not a copper (cu) alloy that is heavier and much less reasonably-priced. thank you, china! see much less

i wish to shop for  x (5lb, 8lb, 10lb, 12lb, 15lb & 20lb) weights. i might need  stands. how do i order?

solution:you want to look if they have these sizes and their stands to be had on line at amazon or the manufacturer first.

how am i able to order the stand by myself?

solution:don’t order the stand. it’s the maximum horrible design for a stand ever created.


4sport4  offers a full lineup of dumbbells in an expansion of materials and shapes inclusive of forged iron hex dumbbells, rubber hex dumbbells, round rubber dumbbells, and vinyl lined and neoprene dumbbells. buy dumbbells in my view through the pound, in units or buy a dumbbell bundle inclusive of dumbbell sets with storage racks and weight benches.

fitness manufacturing facility also includes adjustable dumbbells which are best for small areas, and dumbbell handles in olympic and preferred widths.

rogue dumbbell sets

also available to order by using the pair, rogue rubber hex dumbbells are to be had here in 3 complete, general units–damaged down into 5lb increments. those units let you quick equip a whole education facility serving any sort of athlete, all at an affordable cost.

rogue dumbbells function heavy-obligation, rubber-encased heads that help reduce noise and restriction put on and tear (to both the bells and your floors). they also consist of chrome-plated handles ergonomically designed for a firm however relaxed feel in any grip style.

all smaller rogue dumbbells up to 10lb function a 25mm diameter manage, whilst the ones 12.5lb and up have a larger 35mm diameter take care of.

rogue dumbbell set options:

5lb – 50lb set – includes pairs of dumbbells from 5lb to 50lb in 5lb increments. 550lb overall.

55lb – 100lb set – consists of pairs of dumbbells from 55lb to 100lb in 5lb increments. 1,550lb overall.

105lb – 125lb set – consists of pairs of dumbbells from 105lb to 125lb in 5lb increments. 1,150lb overall.


deal with diameter: 25mm up to 10lb, 35mm for some thing over 10lb

heavy-duty rubber encased heads: limit noise, floor harm, and put on and tear at the dumbbells themselves.

easy-grip, ergonomic chrome-plated cope with

proprietary head to handle construction ensures the head does now not come free

kettle gryp: a portable grip attachment that immediately turns any rogue dumbbell (as much as 55 lbs) right into a functioning kettlebell.

for an alternative, higher grade alternative, see the completely-welded rogue urethane dumbbell

hex dumbbell sets

fully knurled handles

rep hex dumbbells function our progressive, completely knurled handles for maximum grip. traditional “ergonomic” handles that handiest have knurl throughout part of the deal with floor, which could make power schooling slippery and uncomfortable. our complete knurled chrome manage gives you a relaxed grip on the dumbbell at any weight, making those one of the first-rate rubber hex dumbbell sets available on the market.

ultra-low scent rubber

we manufacture our dumbbells using top rate, ultra-low odor rubber. via using the highest first-class materials, you understand you’ll be getting the highest best dumbbells which can be genuinely odor unfastened. there’s nothing worse than unpacking your contemporary dumbbell set and having to await them to air out. with rep dumbbell sets, you can get instantly to focusing for your lifts with out being  by the scent of rubber lingering inside the air.

hex layout for less difficult storage

our dumbbell heads characteristic a hexagon design which provides for less complicated garage and no rolling weights. rubber lined weights also save you any damage in your floor if you drop the weight. this design is a conventional, undying function so one can be a high-quality addition to any home fitness center or commercial gym.

five pound increments

the weights in our dumbbell sets are available five pound increments, because of this you may lift a wide range with out getting caught between 2 weights – one being too heavy and one being too light. whether or not you get the 5 to 50 pound set, or the 5 to one hundred set, you’ll get all of the weight sizes you need for any kind of motion.

dumbbell set rack storage

rack storage need to be purchased one by one. the rep dumbbell rack is a super three-tier rack with plenty of room for a five-50 dumbbell set. you’ll want to buy 2 racks to hold larger sets. preserve your dumbbells organized and off the floor with a rep dumbbell rack.

rubber hex dumbbell set specs:

fully knurled handles for optimum grip

ultra-low smell rubber

the heads of the dumbbells are securely attached via friction welding for excessive sturdiness

manage diameter sizes

2.5lb – 22mm diameter cope with.

5lb to 15lb dumbbells – 28mm diameter take care of.

17.5lb+ dumbbells – 34mm diameter handle. the thicker 34mm take care of adds consolation on heavier weights.

rep health dumbbells come with a life-time assurance for domestic use. 1 12 months guarantee for industrial use.

dumbbell units range from 5 to 50 pounds, five to 75 kilos, and 5 to a hundred kilos

dumbbell set alternatives:

5 to 50lb rubber hex dumbbell set consists of 5lb to 50lb in pairs at 5lb increments. (5lb, 10lb, 15lb, 20lb, 25lb, 30lb, 35lb, 40lb, 45lb, and 50lb)

5 to 75lb rubber hex dumbbell set includes 5lb to 75lb in pairs at five lb increments

five to 100lb dumbbell set includes dumbbell pairs in 5 lb increments

dumbbell rack garage options

notice: dumbbell units do not come with the dumbbell rack blanketed.

dumbbells suit perfectly at the rep dumbbell rack

shield your ground with a three feet x four ft mat, which suits flawlessly beneath our rep dumbbell rack

purchase person rubber hex dumbbell pairs if you don’t want a full set.

hex dumbbell set with rack 5-50
rubber dumbbell set with rack costco
hex dumbbell set with rack 5-50 $99
dumbbell set with rack 5-100
dumbbell set with rack 5-75
weider 200 lb. rubber hex dumbbell weight set with weight rack wdbkr20016
rubber hex dumbbell set
dumbbell set with rack 5-25

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