nike air max 2017

looking review of the nike air max 2017 wanted to give you guys my honest opinion on this shoe right here and then I want you guys weighing in the comment section let me know what you guys think about the nike air max 2017 sneaker yourselves and let’s go ahead and get into the review it’s not going to be too much sunshine in this video unfortunately because honestly I’m not that impressed with what Nike brought us in this model and I only say that because it’s fundamentally the same shoe on this one as it was on this one the 2016 and as on the Nike Flyknit max and nike air max 2017 but it both cases I honestly think that both of those shoes are better than this one aesthetically I think they look a little bit better but also like there’s some changes that they made on this one that I don’t really like that I’ll get into in just a second so this might be one of the worst air maxes in my opinion in recent times maybe the worst nike air max 2017 ever it’s just one that I see sitting on shelves all over the place I seen it on sale already from the first like month that this thing was available I’ve seen the prices dropped quite a bit $190 is a price point on this shoe and I definitely wouldn’t be paying $190 for this shoe if I were you guys that’s just my personal opinion so a couple of the things that are exactly the same we can see already but I’ll show you up close a little bit closer as you can see this soul and the midsole is exactly the same on the 2016 and the nike air max 2017 model and you could see the soles are exactly exactly the same so I mentioned this sole issue previously in a different video because they’ve been recycling the sole since 2014 I believe so the 14 Air Max 2014 15 16 and flying it had this same sole in midsole and then the nike air max 2017 has the same exact thing so I actually just find it really lazy to be honest like you to have the same exact sole and an outsole for like six five six models or whatever is just kind of ridiculous for the price point that you’re paying for these and the reason why I say that is because this is 190 this one in other colorways like you can get these for like 85 bucks right now in fact I’ll link some in the description if you guys are interested and this one you can get like $100 or so as well and this is what the planet so the couple of the changes that they made on this model that I don’t like and I think that the other ones they did better was the inside liner of the nike air max 2017 shoe this material is really not pleasant it’s not as soft it’s kind of like more of a cloth type material it feels like versus like kind of the aisle on or whatever material that this one was but it was this is way nicer on your ankles and on your feet it’s just way softer and also they used that material and they bulked up the tongue by 2 or 3 times so you could see the tongue thickness is pretty significant verses the 2016 is really thin and maybe that was for a reason maybe they thought it would be better that way this one was too thin on the fly night version because it would flop around all the time but honestly I didn’t mind it too much because I just really liked this nike air max 2017 shoe this was super comfortable but that is one of the other changes so they made this extra thick they added a little the little heel section right here kind of similar to the nike air max 2017 Jordan 11 lows and it’s just not a very comfortable material the other thing that they changed I think was definitely for the worst was the sole is exactly the same but the material that they use is kind of slippery and I don’t know what type of material rubbery they used for this it feels like it should be lighter than this one because this one these ones are more rubberized than this one but they don’t feel much lighter and it feels slippery to changes that I think for the worst aesthetically I don’t really like the design either to be honest they have this weird ribbing along the back section here it’s definitely more firm in this section so if you needed extra support this one has it more so than the previous models because the previous one only has support and like the heel cup right here and this is pretty flexible meanwhile this one’s pretty firm all the way through this whole section here the materials on the toe box seem pretty cheap and you could see it just perforation all over so it’s well ventilated but all-in-all I have to say man not impressed with this model I don’t really like the changes that they made and I like the fact that I mean you can buy them with different colors like I like this color it’s dope the smoked out like soul and then blackout upper and then reflective silver dope colorway just not a really great model in my opinion I’m curious when they’re actually change it up and make a difference to the soul but if you’re bringing something new you should be more innovative and I think that that’s the direction Nikes going in with the vapor nike air max 2017 which looks absolutely amazing it looks crazy with the huge air air pockets on the bottom the way that they change it up in that model which is coming out in 2017 I think that one’s going to be a far superior model to nike air max 2017 you know you look back on the night the nike air max line you have the air max one then you have the air max 90s that you can remember the Air Max 95 97 98 and nike air max 2017,you know somewhere in between there’s a bunch of models that they’ve made that people don’t remember and people don’t they just forget this is going to be one of those models that people forget not too much else to say do you guys own nike air max 2017 s do you agree or disagree please leave a comment let me know I could be wrong about some of these things and maybe it’s just an all-around great performer because of the changes I made I don’t know I’m just giving you guys my thoughts from a consumer perspective hopefully you guys again enjoyed and if you guys are interested in the 2016 or the fly net joints right here check the links in the description you can find them for weigh under retail under 100 bucks for both pairs and I highly recommend those nike air max 2017 shoes definitely worth given those ones a try anyway that’s what we got thank you guys peace

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