nike air max 270 womens

it’s officially airmax month and we have the brand-new nike air max 270 womens

 to celebrate now I know that most people don’t care about the box however I think that this box is pretty cool not only is it just a simple white and black box but all over the box it has prints of all of the different types of air that Nike has used over the years whether it be Air Max 36 the tuned air total Air Zoom air it’s all here this is actually stuff from my childhood so I really really really dig the box but like I said not a lot of people care about the box most people just care about the shoes so this is the brand new nike air max 270 womens

 this is actually a model that was inspired by Nikes past which is obviously why they put all that other stuff all over the box and I’m primarily going to be holding this little guy right here these are actually a woman’s size and it’s because I feel like I’m like blending in here so this actually from what I can see on the the little screen up front right there this reminds me of the Air Pippin 2 in the playoff colorway those of you guys old enough to remember you probably are like ah but anyways this is nike air max 270 womens

  like I said it’s paying homage to Nikes past heritage while bringing something kind of new into the future I shouldn’t say future I should say present these guys were inspired by the Nike Air Max 90 3 as well as the air max 180 something that you’ll be able to see in future colorways of the actual shoe like this one that pays homage to the Air Max 93 and these guys right here that pay homage to the Air Max 180 now these are dubbed the 270 due to the fact that the air unit in the back is 270 degrees something that’s not new with Nike they actually introduced that in the air max 93 however what is new is that these guys are specifically tuned to lifestyle use so it’s one of the first air maxes that they’ve ever released it was actually not built for performance per se but instead these were designed with all-day lifestyle in mind so I guess you can call them a different type of performance shoe instead of performing during a sport they’re just supposed to perform during your everyday life another thing that somewhat new what the model itself is the air unit in the back these guys actually are the largest volume air max unit that they’ve ever created sitting at 32 millimeters high which is pretty insane that’s a really really thick cushioned unit there is an offset here so there is a slight heel to toe drop that way you don’t feel like you’re thirty two millimeters off the floor in the front even though you are in the rear so it’s not uncomfortable you don’t feel unstable or anything like that you’re gonna feel good and these guys all day long in addition to the airmax unit in the back you have a file on midsole in the forefoot and it’s set up in a way that promotes a lot of compression so even though it’s not a top-tier foam you’re going to get a nice compression ride throughout your day which makes the forefoot feel a lot more comfortable the build along the upper is comprised of engineered mesh and then you have some fused areas at the forefoot as well as the mid panel and this is somewhat of a one-piece construction type of upper so for those of you wondering it is a little bit hard to get into the shoe however once you’re in it’s a super nice fit very comfortable at least in my opinion if you like that really nice snug feeling to your shoes which is what I like if you are a wide footer you might want to go up a size not only for ease of entry but also just for a more comfortable fit overall speaking of sizing they’re gonna be available in multiple sizes they’ll be available in men’s sizes and women tech specs for all three versions of the shoe are the same so no matter which version you’re getting you are going to be getting nike air max 270 womens

 there’s not gonna be any alterations or anything like that which i think is awesome as far as overall fit for me personally I’m going true to size I think that they feel awesome like I said before if you’re a wide footer you might want to go up half a size and while on foot I do feel that they are very comfortable I was actually surprised I wasn’t expecting much out of the forefoot but due to the construction of the forefoot you can actually feel the compression underfoot so it’s got a slight bounce to it and the back of the shoe is where most of the cushion is at and that you can actually feel as well if you rock onto your heel multiple colorways of the shoe are gonna be available starting March 2nd over at East Bay calm each colorway that you saw here will be available along with multiple others so let me know what you guys think about nike air max 270 womens

 down below in the comments section are you interested in grabbing a pair if you already own a pair if so leave your thoughts about them down below in the comment section we’d love to hear from you directly links to everything that you saw here is down below in the description box we appreciate your support we thank you guys for tuning in and until next time guys have a good one you

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