nike air max 720 mens

it is a beautiful day at the workshop and I am wearing the nike air max 720 mens these release february 1st and it is the tallest air bubble in nike history that’s right you heard me right the tallest air bubble in nike air max 720 mens ¬†history and we are gonna test them out today I’m a little worried these might pop and so I’m not gonna go jump on a bed of nails or do jumping jacks on screws screwdrivers or something else that’s sharp that I can’t think of but we are gonna test them out we are going to see if this air bubble is the real deal and is it going to pop so what buckets and I are gonna do right now there’s buckets right here getting the equipment ready and we are going to put these to the test right now this is an official durability test so here we go it is time out in the field this is what it’s all about right here can’t always stay in the studio can’t get too comfortable in the studio you got to get out in the real world you got to put these nike air max 720 mens sneakers to the test you gotta wear them who knew it would be so hard to find sharp objects laying around who no need to find maybe that thing right there¬† so far so good it is holding up if it sounds echoey in here that is because alleyway alleyway chains you guys won’t feel to see these moves but watch this you can imagine oh just pulled off some crazy some crazy maneuvers crazy oh you show me so I think that’s pretty much it we’ve been out here for a while now again we did not jump up and down on nails that will definitely pop any air bubble but we did step on a lot of foreign objects a lot of crazy Tings and they held up I’m actually really impressed I was telling buckets I was like man these things might actually pop and then I’m gonna be without a damn nike air max 720 mens sneaker but held up really really well and everyday life these are not gonna pop they’re not nike air max 720 mens did a good job with the firmness of them and kind of the ruggedness of them it’s not like some fragile air bubble which when I first took them out of the box because that air bubble is so big it’s kind of like damn but that is not the case now you did a good job buckets what say you as we go back through this alley they look good thanks for coming along thanks for coming along on this journey with us Wolfpack we all we got out hit with Howell there it is there it is see you tomorrow same time same

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