nike air max 720

today is the greatest day I’ve ever known well it’s not the greatest day but it is a really really good day we got a pair of nike air max 20 sneakers that I have had my eye on since the very first picture I saw I don’t remember when that was but I know that I wanted them and we were able to get a pair of them a little early which is always nice so I would say it is a pretty damn good day¬† these are gonna hit shelves February 1st and if you’ve got your eye on them like I did then you’ve come to the right place welcome to the workshop hopefully you watch this video before buying the nike air max 720 because I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about them the good the bad the ugly if there is any bad and ugly first of all they are fire 38 fire emojis without question I just love the look of them but before we dive into the looks let’s hit a couple basics as I mentioned February 1st release date a hundred and eighty dollar retail which I know is very steep but it is a new era Mac nike air max 720 sneaker so that’s around what you’d expect that’s definitely around what I expected them to be so it kind of is what it is this is the first colorway the aurora borealis which is the scientific name for the Northern Lights [Music] and I just love this color so good but nike air max 720 actually released a picture with a bunch of different pairs and there are some really cool vibrant color ways on the horizon no pun intended and for anyone wondering about the fit true to size in my opinion and very comfortable right out of the box I mean very very comfortable the fit is always it’s the hardest question to answer it really is but in a lot of ways especially with an early look like this it’s the most important question how does the damn shoe fit a lot of people order online these days so if you don’t know how the sneaker fits then you’re kind of in trouble these fit true to size in my opinion but there’s there’s so many variables I guess I’d say they fit a little bigger than most nike air max 720 Mac sneakers which tend to run snug ish I don’t think anyone’s gonna be upset if they go with their normal size now as far as the tech goes the 720 it is the new king of air bubbles this is officially the tallest nike air max 720 unit of all time ever taking the crown from the 270 which is a sneaker that my brother and I both love I wore my pair of two 70s into the ground such a good shoe and definitely a must-own in my opinion but the 720 has the crown now this nike air max 720 bubble is massive and I like it a lot but-but-but-but and they are comfortable like I said but it’s really back heavy or back-loaded almost to the point where if you’re kind of on a slant tons of cushion in the heel and not very much relative of course in the front of the shoe I haven’t decided if it’s a negative or a positive yet but it is definitely something to note the one thing I am a little worried about is the durability and if you’re familiar with us here at the workshop you know we do a ton of durability tests we do updates we wear our nike air max 720 sneakers we do that like nobody’s business and we will definitely be doing that with these I am afraid the air bubble might pop I don’t know there’s so much air here it’s just crazy and I have had air bubbles pop on me before so we will see time will tell it feels good and it looks really good in my opinion – there isn’t a ton of nike air max 720 branding it’s pretty subtle small swoosh on the side and even smaller swoosh on the front nike air max 720 logo on the as you can see they didn’t overdo it at all which i think is nice it’s a really futuristic looking sneaker which I dig the materials are basically mesh and plastic they’ve got these vent windows around the shoe but they seem to be more for looks than anything else because all of this mesh this entire upper on the nike air max 720 sneaker is reinforced with cloth behind it so it isn’t very breathable to me this is a lifestyle shoe 100% it’s not a shoe that I’d run in or do anything athletic – this is just for walking around feeling like a king that’s what this sneaker is for if you’re an nike air max 720 fan like I am you’re gonna love them I don’t see how you couldn’t I’m gonna wear them every single day starting right now I actually have them on my feet right now we’re gonna put these to work right away put some major miles on them hit the pavement if you want daily looks and updates on what nike air max 720 sneakers I’m wearing which for the foreseeable future will be these make sure you follow me on instagram at mr. Homer Simpson’s my Instagram story is basically a daily vlog at this point so go and check that out if you are

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