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a look at another sneaker review as you guys can tell we’re looking at the nike air max 90 essential or ultra essential and this like the Air Max 90 as most of you guys probably know is a staple for Nike they’ve released the sneaker in tons of different colorways tons of different materials used on it from fur like weird fur to leather sell premium suede to like really cool prints on them so this sneaker the nike air max 90 essential is a staple in not just sneaker heads rotations but just a lot of people’s closets it’s the lesson go to sneaker for a lot of people also when I worked out full Locker I know that this was like a top seller when it came to back-to-school season because a lot of schools have the all-black sneaker policy so we sold so freaking many of these and with good reason these aren’t only stylish but these are also quite comfortable as well you guys can see there’s this big visible air unit in the back and that is where a lot of the comfort comes from honestly it’s just a good sneaker overall you’re getting a lot of good value out of it it’s quite durable some people have asked me in the past would I recommend a sneaker yes I would definitely recommend a sneaker and honestly try your best to see if you can get them on sale too because I know some nike outlets or some retailers will have older colorways on sale ah but they do release like new colorways of the nike air max 90 essential sneaker very very frequently you can go on like Nikes website right now and just see like you just look at a ton of them and you can even Nike ID them so if you have some extra cash and you want to like personalize them yourself you can go and do that which is pretty sweet now as most of you sneaker heads know it is airmax month the month of March is when we celebrate air max and there’s actually an nike air max 90 essential bus going around Toronto and I believe around a couple of other cities as well I think Chicago New York one more other place but basically it’s like a tour bus with a Air Max Museum inside of it which is really cool so if you haven’t yet seen my Air Max bus blog Mackay actually invited me on to that the day before the general public is on it which is pretty sweet so all the nike air max 90 essential bus vlog in the description down below so feel free to check that out and you can still actually get on the bus for the rest of the month so you can even buy like Air Max Grails for the original price like the most sought-after air Mac sneakers you can buy them for like eighty five dollars Canadian if you get lucky so you’re going to have to watch that video to find out about that stuff so anyways let’s get back to the sneaker now this is a sneaker I was actually given by Nike which I do appreciate so thank you tun Nike but don’t let that like fool you or anything I genuinely think that this sneaker is awesome and it’s a sneaker I would recommend to a lot of people now the retail price for this version of nike air max 90 essential ultra central is a hundred and sixty-five dollars Canadian however there are a ton of other colorways available some of which are on sale I know Haven calm has likes liner versions of these ones on sale for like a hundred and twelve 10:18 which is like 185 US like if you’re really doing some hunting and some research you can find some really good air maxes on sale and this is just a sneaker overall that a lot of collectors love as well one of the most popular and well known colorways for the sneaker is the Air Max 90 infrared it has like a hit of imprint on the very back here and it’s just overall such a clean looking sneaker so you might have seen the sneaker before but in other colorways but anyways let’s get to this actual sneaker itself because I’ve just been rambling on for way too long so this version of nike air max 90 essential aught restaurant Row is a very neutral and basic colorway you can wear pretty much any day we’ve got black grey and sort of like a faint gray like it’s a very very light shade of grey almost white and I love just how basic it is because this allows you to wear it SuperDuper frequently so if you are looking for that like one pair of sneaker that you’re going to get for the entire year the Air Max 90 is definitely a sneaker that you might want to consider now this version of the Air Max 90 has some like suede all around at the very back of the sneaker here even on top of the midsole here it’s not amazing quality suede but honestly it’s pretty good for the price you are paying of course we have nike air max 90 essential branding on the very back here we have the big visible air unit vest on all Hermes of course we got a very thick midsole flashing outsole so if you were looking for you know a little bit of extra height the sneaker will give you a little bit of extra height so as you need those inches go for it now this nigger is mainly great but I do like the black accents they have on the nike air max 90 essential sneaker with the suede with the black heel liner thing right here you also have the black laces you’ve got the air max 90 branding on the very tongue as well and overall it’s just a very clean looking Nike sneakers now moving down to the upper of this sneaker we have some mesh here and then we have some like plastic kind of material or rubber I’m not too sure what kind of material this is but it holds the sneaker together well and it seems like it’s going to be very durable now the outsole of the nike air max 90 essential sneaker is actually really thick you can see like there’s a lot of extra space in here so if you plan to wear these like every day as your daily beaters these will last you a very very long time so of course this goes back to the whole value factor out of the sneaker if you want a very long lasting comfortable sneaker nike air max 90 essential is definitely a top contender on the very back of the tanker you also have that nike air branding with the swoosh steps like pretty much normal on every single nike air max 90 essential now as far as sizing and comfort goes for the Air Max 90 I would recommend going your true size if anything you can actually go half a size up but going half a size down is definitely a no-no so did I just say no no on the channel yes I did there is a ton of support on the very back of the sneaker here just look at that just just look at them like look just use your eyeballs people look at all that support so there’s definitely a lot of arch support in this sneaker which will be very useful if you plan to wear these for very very long days now I don’t really have much complaints when it comes to the nike air max 90 essential sneaker I would have loved to see like you know some extra 3m touches on it because I think a lot of black and gray sneakers can always use a hit at 3m accents on it and when you wear them actually there’s one small thing that sort of bothered me but it’s not horrible horrible so I’m going to show you guys by just creasing the nike air max 90 essential right like like this so I can pretend I’m actually wearing it so when you step this little part right here I don’t know why I just feels weird it sort of like makes it weird not even a pinch but you can just feel it around your side of the foot now it’s not a deal-breaker by any means but yeah just something to note so I would say try them on and start if you can if that feeling does bug you maybe try a different version of the air max 91and nike air max 90 essential looks like a full leather upper for this one looks like made of faux leather so there you guys go that’s going to wrap up my review today of the Nike Air Max 90 ultra essential , nike air max 90 essential and the comments down below let me know what you think about this maker or if you have any other nike air max 90 essential sneakers in your collection also if you guys found this video helpful in any way please mash that thumbs up button down below it really really helps me out a ton and if you enjoyed this video and you know you might want to see another video of mine check out my channel I have over 600 plus videos and if you like me enough feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications and if you’re already subscribed hit that Bell hit that but you guys already know what your coming for so yeah hopefully

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