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Over the past two decades, the nike air max plus tn has garnered a cult-like following among sneaker enthusiasts. It’s one of those sneaker designs that you either love instantly, or hate on sight. Nike’s running shoes often transcend performance features and become cultural phenomenons. And the nike air max plus tn Plus is no exception. But hey, if you’re tuning in for the first time, my name is Brian; me and my brother Nacho make videos on sneaker history and sneaker culture. So if you’re into that kind of thing, please consider subscribing. Let’s get into the video. Sometime in the mid 1990’s, Sean McDowell was sitting on a beach in Florida watching the beautiful sunset. The incredible colors that the sunset was giving off inspired McDowell, and he decided to make a sketch in his notebook. The palm trees and beautiful landscapes kept him coming back for more, and soon he was a regular, sitting on the beach, and drawing sunsets for hours. This was years before Sean even joined the team at Nike as a designer. Little did he know, what he was actually doing was laying down the sketches that would later be used as inspiration to design the nike air max plus tn. In 1997, Sean McDowell was hired as a designer for Nike. He was immediately assigned a project to work with one of the brand’s biggest and most important retail distributors at the time: Foot Locker. A daunting task, because McDowell was expected to design a new running shoe using Tuned Air, a recent breakthrough in nike air max plus tn famous air cushioning technology. Not only that, but to top it off, Foot Locker had already grown increasingly frustrated with some of nike air max plus tn other, more established designers, rejecting more than a dozen proposals made by Nike. The initial project name for the Foot Locker exclusive was dubbed the Nike Sky Air. When McDowell, heard this, his mind immediately went to that special beach in Florida, and its beautiful, gradient sunsets that he loved so much. It was from these vivid sunsets that the shoes instantly recognizable upper gradient, and palm tree inspired exoskeleton was born. One of the silhouettes most striking features was the shank, which extends from the bottom sole to the mid sole. This was actually inspired by the tail of a whale. Here’s a quote from McDowell himself: “The shank is a modified whale tail. That tail coming out of the water is so iconic.” McDowell’s lack of experience at nike air max plus tn was actually one of the main keys to unlocking the shoe’s originality. Take the swoosh for instance. It’s easily of of the most instantly recognizable logos in the history of design, let alone fashion. Yet, because of his inexperience, according to him, he simply winged it. “No one had given me any guidance because it was my first few days. The shape is a little bit off, and I put the border on the inside, when technically all the brand guidelines say to go outside.” Because McDowell was so green, he constantly broke sneaker design conventions. Sometimes, without even knowing it. For example, he took his own observations as a runner to implement reflectivity in footwear design in a very new way. “I grew up a runner, and you learn to always run facing traffic so that cars can see you. And I thought, it’s weird that they put reflectivity on the back of every shoe when you need reflectivity all the way up the front. So I put bars of reflectivity going all the way up the forefoot, the vamp, and the tongue.” The Tn Air logo which stands for Tuned Air, is one of the most famous icons in nike air max plus tn history. Everyone knows that the Air Max Plus is the shoe that is synonymous with the Tn logo. But the hexagonal branding was a surprise at the time for the young designer. McDowell didn’t want to include it in the design initially. “They told me the TN Air logo was a really big deal and I needed to feature it prominently.” The initial design sketches that got approved by Foot Locker didn’t include the Tn logo. Out of obligation, McDowell thew the Tn logo on the back and the sole of the shoe. Tuned Air was a huge technological shift for nike air max plus tn. The Tuned Air unit featured what Nike called “hemispheres.” Solid half spheres inserted into the sole and air unit, which allowed them to reduce pressure in the heel, while increasing cushioning in the forefoot. nike air max plus tn considered Tuned Air to be the most significant innovation in the history of Air technology. It wouldn’t be updated until 2006 with the release of the Air Max 360. Think about that for a second. For a brand that’s made its reputation off innovation, Tuned Air has stood out as the best technology in Visible nike air max plus tn ‘s choice technology for almost a decade. Everything was going according to plan, everyone loved the design and the accompanying innovative features. But, there was one little problem: the faded upper. Sean McDowell’s picturesque sunset fade that he had envisioned was now being dubbed impossible to create by Nike. Being naive and new, McDowell would not take no for an answer. “I drew the fade, and everyone was like, ‘You’ll never be able to do that, you can’t find a material like that.'” Being inexperienced, he was determined, and willing to do everything he can to prove them wrong, and he was right. It was possible; nike air max plus tn had been using smooth gradient designs on their apparel for years. McDowell knew that it could be pulled off. And it literally just took one sample to get the desired effect: it was perfect. Foot locker and nike air max plus tn were so dazzled by the shoe that they decided to bypass their traditional route of doing marketing research and focus groups. Instead, they decided to simply place the sample pair on the shelf of a local Foot Locker to see how kids would react. Sean McDowell explained what happened next. “Five or ten minutes later, there were like ten kids flocking to the shoe asking, ‘What is this? How do I get it?’ The associates were looking around like, ‘I’ve never seen that thing before, I don’t know how much it costs, I don’t know where it came from.’ wile the kids were running around like, ‘I wanna buy this thing’; they were almost frantic. I was beaming. One of the major hurdles for the Air Max Plus was having to compete with the actual Air Max line. You see, the show wasn’t exactly slated to be the next Air of the year model. nike air max plus tn was placing it’s bets on the nike air max plus tn 98, but nonetheless, in 1998, Nike released the original trio of Air Max Plus colorways to much success. McDowell’s original Florida inspired sketches were used to tell a three part story. There was the sunset colorway with the blue and yellow fade, the night sky model he cooked with black and hints of red, And the sunrise with blinding orange hues and shades of yellow. Despite releasing it alongside the Air Max 98, the nike air max plus tn thrived. An interesting part of the Air Max Plus’s history was its international appeal. The Air Max Plus gained a cult following in Europe and Australia. In those markets, the shoe was better known by two letters: Tn. The hexagonal logo which McDowell was hesitant to include, came to define the shoe. The Tn really became popular in inner city streets, where it became a favorite among street kids who had enough money to afford a pair. Thanks to the silhouette’s crazy and intimidating design, the Tn symbolized a bad boy image in the UK, Australia, and France. Here in the US, the nike air max plus tn was known for its heavy cult-like following among sneaker aficionados. Trust me, if you knew an Air Max Plus fanboy or fangirl, then you know how crazy they can be about their collection. Later on down the years, nike air max plus tn attempted to follow up the iconic silhouette with the Air Max Plus 2, 3, and 5. But the shoes didn’t have the cultural and technological impact the original Air Max Plus did. The Air Max Plus released over 20 years ago, and continues to be one of the top silhouettes out there. Reflecting on the shoe now, the Air Max Plus wasn’t destined to become the footwear icon we know today. How could it be? It was a (muffled speech) and inexperienced nike air max plus tn designer who couldn’t even draw the brand’s logo properly. But that’s exactly what made the silhouette so special. Sean McDowell wasn’t afraid to break conventions and try new things an important aspect in all areas of life. Alright guys, that’s gonna do it for this week’s episode. Hey, I wanted to run something by you, so, you might have noticed that my brother Nacho isn’t in this video. Obviously, because I’m hosting it this time. So, we really want to start creating more videos for you guys, more content, you know, we want to upload weekly. I know we upload like, every two to three weeks, and that’s because it takes forever to research these videos edit them, and make the thumbnails

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