nike air max trainer 1

welcome back to another trust D process trust the process video this is gonna be a nike air max trainer 1 review but I figured I would record a little bit before I got to the extra little shoot part cuz that’s gonna be something a little

quick but I’m going to base basically I just got off of work it is 405 a.m. and I’m about to go into the gym and I’m not going to record the whole work over got the last time I’m just going to basic I’m probably gonna record either their little clips of what I’m doing but not everything or I’m going to give you guys a tutorial on pin lay rolls it’s not a lot of people know what Penley rolls are now not like people haven’t learned I mean even though they did I’ve been I’m going to this gym by nike air max trainer 1 right here I was that a couple times because people were trying to trying to tell me basically trying to show me either show me a they were either they didn’t know what I was doing they they just trying to show me a bent over row I’m like I’m not doing I’m doing a panel a row like but that’s probably the record that and then I’m not sure what else I’m going to record but uh we shall see and then and then you’ll get to the test she revealed on to the next clip of Henle room my ability to make stuff for a bent-over row bend over like this people enough and they rope you’re starting out from the ground pulling up dropping it back down you want to try to keep your back as straight as possible and you want to have your hands just outside your feet it’s kind of a wide grip this is what it looks like here back straight it’s good it’s good for like it over back I can also help improve on your bench press it’s a pretty good workout though it’s one of my favorites , so I am back from the gym but I am back from the gym and I went to the grocery store also but like I said this video would is actually a nike air max trainer 1

shoe review

 I just thought I can turn into like a workout log /uv okay so I was gonna do a shoe review on the cross phase nike air max trainer 1 that I just recently purchased like a week ago I’m still trying to get a feel for them and you know how and get it actually a good appeal I know how I feel by the shoe but I got some other workout shoes that I thought I would do a review on really quick and just give you out my opinion on these nike air max trainer 1 so they don’t do a you know review of my um my CrossFit shoes in a future video so these shoes right here okay she’s right this is a workout shoe okay these are the nike air max trainer 1 okay a lot of people think these are basketball shoes they’re not basketball shoes okay they’re not basketball shoes these are workout shoes these shoes are see like you know many like that I’m saying see it’s too soft to be it to be a basketball shoe this is not a basketball shoe it looks like a basketball shoe where’s Nana Bessler she these nike air max trainer 1 are good for burpees box jumps you know just all that good stuff you know I’m saying when it comes to working out I you cease um I’ve had these for probably probably almost three months now I think got the car I think I bought it for my birthday I think yeah but it’s my prayers up look who’s in November so yeah but I get three months it’s actually a pretty good nike air max trainer 1 very and it’s very comfortable as well I’ve done heavy squats an issue and you see you know I’m in the vape it in the video I did heavy dealers in this shoe I’ve done boxes on this shoe burpees all that and I don’t have a problem with this shoe at all like feels good and then you you like by the side of the issue you would think this nike air max trainer 1 with like I like heavy it’s not here you know like I can’t even feel it on my foot you know something that heavy uh actually has straight flight right here as you can see it’s pretty flat right there didn’t IQ signs about him it’s got good grip to us here in these fulfill great so you know Sansa I actually would recommend this she likes to issue this is a very good shoe and I like the design as well you know I’m saying it’s a nice little you know stylish gym shoe if you know said are looking forward gym shoe air bubble nike air max trainer 1  okay it’s not a bad squash you might look like one but it is not a basketball shoe as you can obviously see it says nike air max trainer 1  right there not a best watch but yeah I just wanna do a quick little view for anybody who might be looking for a workout shoot you know and um you know here’s one for you it’s good shoot I got different colors I just got red just to desiccate my different color shoe yeah it’s a little stressed I have no idea what I’ve missed you ever hit a teacher I do that but she says just do it I do I don’t know what I got this driver here danger but yeah I’m assuming maybe too you know maybe but it should be tiring you fluid slight idea I don’t ever take a trip off I should say truth but nike air max trainer 1  Mags chain or one very good workouts you’ll be looking for a workout nike air max trainer 1 to use in the gym okay good shoot this is a ten


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