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what’s going on guys it’s drama and it’s almost March 26 which for normal people would just be March 26 but if you love sneakers like myself March 26 is a huge day because it’s the day that we celebrate one of the most popular cushion setups in the entire NBA air max every year on March 26 Nike celebrates air max Day which celebrates the release of their first-ever air max sneaker which dropped way back in 1987 the Nike Air Max one now the Air Max one was a revolutionary sneaker because it was the first sneaker to showcase a visible air unit which was a very big deal at the time because Nike had already been using air and sneakers like the Arizona one but the air unit was always hidden within the midsole and the Nike Air Max one allowed us to see the air unit for itself and also allowed likely to help evolve and improve on the technology as they continue to implement air in modern-day sneakers LeBron’s latest sneaker the nike lebron 16 utilizes a full-length maqsuum air cushioning setup which is a far cry from the original Air Max setup which only covers the heel but it’s perfect for LeBron style a place because it allows the user to experience an extremely bouncy ride while maintaining a cloud-like feel underfoot now not too long ago LeBron Rock and Air Max 1 inspire come away of the LeBron 16 during his game against the Toronto Raptors which just shows us how iconic that original Air Max sneaker was because it’s still influencing sneakers to this day now LeBron isn’t the only guy wearing Air Max in the league today you got guys like Anthony Davis Rudy Gobert and Vince Carter all seen rockin Air Max sneakers like the Air Max dominate which is a very popular sneaker on the court but Air Max is still a popular option off the court as well is you have guys like Cal Kuzma and PJ Tucker rocking classic Air Max silhouettes like the Air Max ones and new Air Max 720s off of the court now perhaps the league’s biggest supporter of Air Max is actually kind of a surprise Thabo sefalosha is one of the only guys in the league if not the only guy in the league still rocking classic airmax silhouette such as the airmax 90s which originally dropped in 1990 so it’s crazy to think that Dabo feels much more comfortable on the court in a sneaker that dropped 29 years ago but it’s even crazier when you realize that the air max 90s aren’t even a basketball sneaker their running shoe but hey if it works it works so thathe you keep doing you speaking of classic Air Max sneakers one of the most iconic air sneakers nike has ever put out were these bad boys the Nike Air more of tempos which as you can see is just a beautiful looking sneaker and was a shoe that Scottie Pippen was seen wearing a lot of before nike gave him his own signature sneaker line that also used air but the air more up temples were just so iconic because they have this huge air branding across the whole shoe and to me it just perfectly embodies what a 90 sneaker is all about in fact if you take a look at the 90s and the league in that era pretty much every Nike sneakers used air in some way shape or form and that trend continues into the modern era with current day players still rocking air to this day however Nike has evolved the technology into other things like Zoom air which provides a more low-profile and responsive ride and can be found in popular sneakers such as Kyrie Irving’s latest signature model then Nike carry five look at the end of the day Air Max sneakers it’s like air I mean they’re everywhere and it’s become a popular option not just for guys in the league but really people all around the world so what I want to hear from you guys is what is your favorite Air Max sneaker of all time for me personally if I had to pick just one it’s got to be the Air Jordan threes I mean these are just too iconic they’re clean they’re classic and it’s the first Air Jordan sneaker to ever feature a visible air unit which just makes sense because you have Air Max and Air Jordan it really doesn’t get any better than that so these are my favorite but I want to hear from you guys so let me know what your favorite Air Max sneaker is and be sure to rock them today and yourself in amazing epic airmax day my name is Gerren is we gonna having you get you guys in the next one peace

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