nike air zoom pegasus 35 review

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many people preferred the aesthetics of the nike air zoom pegasus 35, emphasizing the freshness of the colour schemes.

the zigzag stitching of the engineered mesh became favored because it stored the façade long lasting.

a variety of testers welcomed the overall-length zoom air unit, which responsibly cushioned the foot and attenuated effect shock.

the grip capability of the outsole unit obtained reward from a variety of consumers.

based totally on numerous runners’ responses, the pegasus 35 functioned well across a selection of activities like speed education, even-paced runs, or even half of-marathons.

numerous wearers in demand the general design of the shoe; they said it is very secure.

a few wearers cited that the shoe has a light-weight construction.

four motives no longer to buy

a tester complained that the higher unit of the nike air zoom pegasus 35 turned into a chunk wide and that it didn’t hug the foot securely.

some runners pronounced that the collar wasn’t too relaxed; the heel tended to slide off the shoe’s starting.

the outer section of the midsole unit creased after a few uses, in line with a tester. such an occurrence supposedly faded the visual flair of this model.

the shoe is luxurious in comparison to different avenue running footwear available inside the marketplace, said a few users.

backside line

many humans preferred the thirty fifth new release of the nike air zoom pegasus line. they welcomed the shade schemes, the durability of the engineered mesh, the secure underfoot platform, and the traction-ready outsole. furthermore, the flexibility of this version was lauded. alternatively, several purchasers complained of an inconsistent match, as well as a decline inside the excellent of the aesthetics thru the midsole creasing.

the pegasus is one of the maximum versatile footwear to be had—it excels at the whole lot from an easy jog for a newbie to a longer term at an elite’s brief pace. it’s that form of range that’s made it a popular pick out for extra than 3 a long time. so, it’s relatively ordinary that nike might almost entirely overhaul the shoe (there’s nothing runners fear most than their favourite shoe getting ruined by using an update). but, fear not, fellow peg wearers: amazingly, the 35 still feels just like the pegasus, with all the versatility you’ve come to like.

i ultimate examined the pegasus 33 two years in the past,” said one wear-tester, “and this become a totally similar experience, despite the new vaporfly-stimulated features.”

under that sporty new styling, the pegasus 35 has a full-duration air unit for the primary time. prior to the thirty third model, air have been confined to the heel, while the ultimate two models used separate air baggage in the heel and forefoot. this new, longer piece smooths out the transition from heel to toe, as you undergo your stride. it’s nonetheless encased within cushlon, the light-weight, responsive foam utilized in preceding models.

the upper capabilities a sizable exchange, too. the brand new version receives a sleek bootie construction, with an incredibly tall tongue and heel collar. we discovered the fit to be cushty thru the midfoot, but generously roomy in the forefoot without being too wide. the upturned collar and pointed heel add to the sporty aesthetic.

a mixture of cushlon (the foam lengthy used in the peg) and air cushioning deliver a reliably smooth platform that also has a few “pop”—that responsive sensation fast runners crave, assisting them get off the ground faster with every step. it’s that attempted-and-authentic mixture that makes this shoe enchantment to this type of wide variety of runners, and allows nike to keep the fee at simply $one hundred twenty. the pegasus provides a number of cost at that charge. but, in case you’re looking for something softer and lighter, look to the race-inspired nike zoom pegasus 35 faster, which uses zoomx foam for a rapid ride.


“it has enough cushioning for any form of run,” assessed one wear-tester. “doing 20 miles? throw at the pegasus. easy three? pegasus. nine mile pace run? pegasus.”

a excessive-performance outsole

the peg’s outsole has a incredible layout for a easy landing. if you’re one of the faster runners who lands on the outer edge of your foot—in the direction of the midfoot or even farther near the feet—you’ll appreciate the rubber rails which have lengthwise grooves for a gentle reference to the road. those permit the shoe to flex and make sluggish touch with the street. as your foot rolls to midstance, you have got a generous amount of rubber making touch for positive grip on almost any surface.

the upper gets overhauled

the brand new bootie creation was a hit with testers. it’s soft and seam-unfastened, so that you can even cross sockless if you choice. the match is snug thru the midfoot and generously roomy in the forefoot, so that you experience relaxed with out being cramped. runners with narrower ft liked the flywire lacing gadget that simply allow them to cinch the shoe down.

the again 1/2 of the shoe dials up the racing aesthetic. we favored the curve of the tall collar, which moved the fabric and padding far from the achilles tendon, but still secured the heel in area.

we put every shoe through actual-global usage and a battery of mechanical checks in our lab to offer you with objective—and exceptional—records. in addition to a shoe’s weight, we degree sole thickness (everything that sits among your foot and the street), how nicely the froth cushions your stride, and the ability of the forefoot. all that is taken under consideration in our reviews of every shoe.

my thoughts on the nike air zoom pegasus 35

the nike pegasus 35 has been going seeing that 1983, with the nike oregon mission the use of this, or the turbo, as their every day instructor. the truth that elite athletes which includes mo farah and yomif kejelcha wear this shoe manner it ought to be of a excessive popular.


the midsole offers a solid and cozy trip. it is responsive and may deal with a few velocity. many heel strikers will find this properly cushioned, but when you consider that being a forefoot striker, i personally found this a bit at the firm side.

i purposely landed with my heel and noticed more cushioning than touchdown my ordinary manner. having very slight plantar fasciitis intended i noticed a difference once I changed from below armour bandit 3 to the pegasus 35.

the firmer sole triggered a few slight ache on the sole of my foot. this changed into constant after rolling out my calves and the soles of my ft. a totally noticeable factor aesthetically although, are the creases in the midsole. it doesn’t take lengthy for this to take place and is in particular important on the internal of the shoe.


the outsole is an interesting layout, presenting  lanes of horizontal traces and geometric layout for the mid and inner side of the only. after strolling two hundred miles plus in these shoes the outsole has lasted very well, still maintaining some of the texture on the surface of part of the sole.

nike air zoom pegasus 35: is it really worth the hype?

the nike pegasus series has been round for 35 years. a lot of nike’s satisfactory-known strolling shoes were pegasus footwear. i have run around 150 miles inside the nike air zoom pegasus 35, and i will say it definitely surprised me.

whether or not it turned into the overall-length zoom air unit or the 33mm cushlon cushioning, the shoe really does galvanize me in terms of strolling.

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once I first noticed this shoe, i used to be stuck by way of the intense colorways that nike had made for it. it regarded tons extra cushioned than every other nike strolling shoe, which made me need to attempt it extra.

it had a totally current aesthetic and sense to it. i wouldn’t even hesitate to put on this shoe as informal wear. the general appearance of the shoe turned into very exceptional universal.


the upper of the shoe is fabricated from a shape-fitting engineered mesh. it has a zigzag sample which appears very present day and flashy. it is very breathable and works splendid in any type of weather.

it has flywire cables that adapt to the foot of the runner and keeps it cozy. a great element nike added changed into a reflective strip at the returned of the shoe which is awesome for night walking.

nike pegasus 35: is the ‘peggie` hype worth it?

the nike zoom pegasus 35

my mind on nike air zoom pegasus 35 after 10 months of utilization

nike air zoom pegasus 35: the flying horse of the running world

i desire i had tried nike pegasus 35 a long term in the past

nike zoom pegasus 35: going the distance?

nike air zoom pegasus 35 – schooling and completing a marathon

nike air zoom pegasus 35 – amazing footwear for the common street runner

nike air zoom pegasus 35: for forty nine yr vintage knees


in terms of sturdiness, this shoe is notable. the shoes have slightly shown any wear and tear inside the outsole or higher after difficult mileage.

the general design of the footwear is very properly made and very long lasting. they may be long lasting for road or trails but higher for roads. the most effective aspect that worries me in durability is the midsole, wherein it creases and indicates put on very effortlessly after the primary few runs.

one element i do like that nike did in phrases of durability was having the outsole unit of the shoe in a waffle design that enables the flexibility and grip capability of the platform.


in phrases of comfort, those shoes truely amazed me. in those footwear, nike has introduced a complete-length zoom air unit which is meant to be responsive for long distances.

that being said i think the hype approximately that individually changed into a touch overestimated as i did feel accurate responsiveness however nothing extremely out of this global. the cushlon foam that nike makes use of surrounds that air unit and is meant to supply long lasting cushioning during your run.

the only factor i didn’t actually find relaxed changed into the lipped heel which had little cushioning and precipitated some pain in longer runs. with that being said, i do think this is one in every of nike’s best-cushioned shoe, if not the fine in terms of consolation.

the charge of this shoe is a little luxurious coming out at anywhere from $eighty – $a hundred and twenty. i do assume the shoes are definitely really worth those charges whilst it brings high exceptional.


what i love about this shoe

i certainly like the general versatility of this shoe. those footwear can be used for without a doubt any sort of run, from pace runs to lengthy recovery runs.

i also like the way you don’t have to be speedy to run in those footwear, however you could be, and they’ll do tremendous. i additionally actually like that the design of this shoe could be very cutting-edge and simple however not being overly flashy.

why you should buy this shoe

i trust you should buy this shoe as it does wonderful on any run and is made for most runs. it may go fast and is lightweight but still has the cushioning that’ll remaining you miles upon miles. this shoe clearly does get the job completed, and it’ll do you precise irrespective of how rapid of a runner you’re.

will the nike zoom pegasus 35 manage to keep themselves, and my toes, in one piece when tested over a 6-hour race? i’ve formerly used nike zoom pegasus 34, and that they had been pretty right so i idea i’d deliver the following version up a move as they now not bring the 34 in my local strolling shop.

i have used those shoes for multiple months so that they had completed about 150km earlier than the race. i generally tend towards my path footwear for long runs so this could be the furthest they’ve gone in a single cross.


after trying on many, many pairs of footwear from unique manufacturers, i sooner or later discovered a couple with a wide sufficient toe container for my flipper fashion toes.

they have an expansion of coloration alternatives, however all the colors for this version fall into the more muted quit of the spectrum. mine is purple as it’s the best color that they had in stock on the time of purchase.

they may be very light and at ease sufficient to put on over the distances i’ve examined them in education (5-20km), so i notion i’d give them a run out at dinton 6-hour race. dinton is technically a trail race but over footpaths which might be precise enough to be appropriate for buggies and wheelchairs.

as the climate were appropriate, the race director cautioned that road footwear might be more appropriate than path footwear for this race. objectively, they fit all my avenue strolling shoe crucial checkboxes (impartial, mild, huge toe box) for an inexpensive price.

i suppose that there are a couple of factors that make a very good shoe, consolation and sturdiness are my predominant criteria with the rate additionally being an essential thing.


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