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today was an exhausting yesterday let me tell you so first of all we have the gym red Jordan one released online and store I was chasing that it did not go too well people are undercutting like crazy so please if you have any size of nike stranger things shoes  any pair do not be undercutting on specially on stock X and go bro is absurd I just see these prices going down drastically bro over time over and over again some people just be ridiculous for the bed  anyways tire or not some of the Jordan 1 Jim right it’s actually the in-store reservations who are kind of messed up the place all supposed to go pick up leftovers had a power outage in the morning so they couldn’t give out any so people have until Sunday text should get their pairs and it’s all just it always just confuses when they told me that and then there was a big issue whatever you guys will see the episode , the guys on that one but today we’re here to do a little special distinct review but before I started the way I found out about this was the way I knew about it was a via the discord treatment cook group so I run a cook group great admins we got with through the greatest admins out there we have like daily agendas we got early  links how to cop guides or – bugs we got a bunch of guys I’m telling you it’s very with $10 a month it’s currently sold out but we will be restocking sometime within the next week or maybe this coming week actually the first week of July actually maybe something – July 4th I might do actually something on July 4th so maybe that will actually happen obviously I literally I just see a bunch of undercutting right now insane literally almost down to under retail of nike stranger things shoes for the Jim Reds pissing me off like crazy but anyways I don’t really want to focus on that right now because that means I just waste a lot of time what pre-selling was the best option which I did do for some pears so hopefully did that if not then it’s whatever but today we were talking about that Nike and nike stranger things shoes things collaboration now I have two out of the four at least two of the ones that were at least at kits so the way I got these was I kid so I was at supreme that was hunt supreme on Thursday for the Buju Banton photo tease as summer tease and it was it was only three hours behind lately releases have been getting so messed up it’s been so bad but we still managed to pull through we did not get any good stuff but I did actually end up going to kit in the mean time that my body was in line for me I just went to kith because uh I found about this release so first of all I will start with the talents right here so these actually did release a little while ago on nike stranger things shoes say a little early event early like release and then this was the first ones that come out so this is a box right here this is a tailwind right here there’s some kit these were a hundred and thirty dollars of tax hundred twenty dollars with alum and kid this actually having another special release if I’m not mistaken tomorrow for all my my NYC homies right here let me check this hold it I’ll just write it but I might be going back because they got early screening I’m not a big Fronter nike stranger things shoes things let me say that right off the bat yes so it goes our special screening event with Nike and stranger things begins tomorrow at 12 p.m. at 333 West 23rd Street will be screening the first episode of season three ahead of its July 4th debut as well as watching the talent og and apparel one day before their global launch will be serving complimentary kif treats a rare item that she’s very expensive and doors open on 12 p.m. and event ends at 5 p.m. so basically this is what it looks like just like 1900 if you guys can pick that up right there that’s what’s going to be going down this release right here for these shoes so I don’t have these the air with the tail ends or to a break on the talent or the Cortez’s but I do have two of the main ones that are from this collaboration so they will have a pair as well a pebble enough Yuri slim for the high but I do gotta say I do like the issues not the talents but the other ones we get into but first of all one off the bat on the posture do got Nike strange of things right there on Nike says 1985 19 nike stranger things shoes things so actually they have a pretty cool release as well they had the security footage of the like this Nike band that everyone’s going crazy by us in the band shorter ones it’s a stranger things everybody was confused about it I pretty much knew it was stranger things it was the only thing that made sense then we got the Hawkins high school logo right here as I said once again I don’t know what that is I’m assuming it’s the high school the kids go to but presentation on this boxy Gaga’s a killer so we got nike stranger things shoes things on the inside cover right here and then we do got the newspapers so this is the Hawkins post courage in journalism since 1947 July 4th parade prep begins so this is when the first episode from season three actually comes out sunny skies and yeah I’m sure you guys some people be interested in this plug you guys can pause the video right here if you want to read this maybe some spoilers and if not along like just in it for the shoes right here so we gonna unbox this item right here this is the Tailwind now they’re not crazy resale I think they’re one of the uglier ones out of the not the uglier ones I think they’re the better the rest of them the Blazers are my favourite Cortez’s I don’t really like that much not a big Cortes type of guy but I will out real quick for you guys to show you guys a little better view of these nike stranger things shoes Nomad do the reviews on the couch but I’m just too exhausted to set that up but first of all these are the Tailwind and for the biggest thing so you guys can pretty much see is first of all the Hawkins high school logo on the back hill right there then we do got the orange swoosh on green the color range is a little too loud for me as well like I don’t really I can’t really rock ring sneakers like that I don’t have much to Rocky with I mean orange it’s variable it’s a very big fall shoe right here for sure then on the tongue you do have nike stranger things shoes things right there and I gotta say a lot of shoes lately with Nike have been doing this exposed tongue that literally virtual aloe started bro better I just think see that a lot of them are doing all this exposed tone you guys can see this exposed not stitched together Bauval on the inside it’s also very light shoe which is dope and on the bottom you do have a little different type of traction on the bottom but the insole is also very cool to design as well like they like to do is like it simply does like to do like these cool little concepts oh is this a glued down yeah this is a blue down unfortunately why don’t take it out yeah it’ll be alright so first of all it does come with the shoe tree and then it does come with a dope-ass insole so right here Tiger pride you guys can see on the inside and nike stranger things shoes things cool little constable so all I can’t Lee do is hit in something not a lot of people will see this and not a lot of people really care about it and then you don’t have some good cushioning right there and that’s how that curvature that curve right here of cushioning as well like sneaker once again it is seems to be very comfortable they are my size I’ll be taking the shoe outside to try on in a second after I unbox the Blazers let me fix this insole real quick [Music] and now that that’s done I’m gonna go ahead and do the other one now other than that don’t do gotta say before I leave this nike stranger things shoes off the midsole I got a nice white colourway um not a big fan of this to be honest it’s it’s I though the leather is very good though along the solution as well as the back of the shoe as well very nice looks like to be a little tumble other but this is one of the sneakers right here the next one we do go on to that one talked about which are my favorite I was actually debating on keeping these then once again I realized yeah I can’t really rock these that well this box is destroyed a little bit well I caught two pairs of these already dumped one of them but this is the Blazer mid oqs high retail is $120 us twelve UK thirteen and a half nike stranger things shoes pretty much the same exact box as the previous ones as the tailwinds I’m sure the Cortez has come in the same as well but these come with the pins but I did not know about this if you got so much supreme unboxing video actually don’t box it into an in-depth review though that these do come with pin so they do come though this is my favorite pin right here just a simple one says making nike stranger things shoes things then we do have scoops Oh Hawaii ice cream saloon and Hawkins fizz edge so this is dope little pieces they do I don’t think sums it all pairs honestly don’t think that it really does I think they just come with certain pairs I got these from Kenneth and kit that is still having a special release so I’m assuming that has something to do with that as well but at tomorrow’s a function they’re not gonna have anything besides the nike stranger things shoes that I talked about which are the uglier ones in my opinion they’re not gonna have the Blazers anymore cuz I’m pretty sure they’re sold out but this is once again the same exact wrapping paper on the outside and now baby the Blazers now I gotta say I love Blazers the quality on the Nike has on them as almost all the time magnificent the leather is beautiful I’m surprised they don’t be funnin form I mean these were flippin for my guys so I did flip these already and I flip them for like a bunch of $15 which is not bad at all in my opinion East so the laces it does always comes with more pins oh so they all do come with pins that must have been to the Tailwind oh I see I don’t even know that that was must have been the pinch the tail once I get it so these unless it threw that into that box honestly don’t even know but there’s couple another set of pins right here so I do got two oh I just end up giving one away to be honest to you guys if you guys are out there watching oh if I will it stay tuned to the gram for that because I also don’t care much about nike stranger things shoes things I like to set for myself I really don’t care so pretty much that yeah they did reuse the insoles the insolence on this one is the exact same if you guys can see on the inside it is just about the same exact insole but this one does I’m gonna go ahead and put these pins back to jiggling too much but this is a premium nice tumble leather soft as hell nice little padding around I gotta say this is the part of the best one I have all of them simple low to the ground this is the actual sole of the shoe then on the side you have the orange to push right there just give you like that Halloween vibe as well but I gotta say this tumbler is magnificent better than the Jordan ones or at least 3 the Jim Reds and the sucia at first I thought this was removable but unfortunate it’s not filling that back you do have the Nike logo would’ve been quickly the little nike stranger things shoes things or logo as well they decide not to do that and the other only stranger things logo on the actual outside of the shoe is a Hopkins high school right there it’s not removal it’s like a little patch the quality’s looking type fufu out here oh it would have been donated like say nike stranger things shoes things right here on the back but once again these are a size 12 and I’m gonna go ahead and right now outside and put these on feet to show you guys the actual outside ladies and gentlemen so if you guys can look here’s a closer look at the actual pairs this is at Allen’s right here and these are the Blazers little cool look at these you guys can see it dusting on the outside property of Hawking’s athletic department so I don’t know what these these this number means six-point secret whatever blah blah blah Thank You nike stranger things shoes things on the inside and you guys can see they all do this tag is looking different but does have a QR tag that they can focus it does have the QR tag so you can actually authenticate these sneakers so I’m gonna go ahead and throw these on now I gotta say these are light nice little high-top nike stranger things shoes for the summer vibes definitely for sure a good pickup and since it’s only $120 that’s not a bad price at all to be paying for a nice at a high-top like this nice light it doesn’t seem like you can sweat too much in it because normally like Jordan once for example it gets hot as hell in them but here’s what they look like on feet so we do got the visit dumping my favorite right here so you guys can see the Blazer right there and then this is the tail and on feet now these are size 12 they’re a little bit bigger on me I do wear eleven and a half in Jordan ones so that just gives you a little showing on how to get it but definitely these Blazers are fin right on me just the colorway is something that I could really rock with so I currently match well with them but definitely a cool little vibe right there you guys can see the patch right there then on the back you guys can see the patch right there some Thank You nike stranger things shoes things and once again little too bright for me and these I don’t know I wish they had a little swoosh on the inside but a little don’t concept that only switch on the outside bottom of us until but this is such a smooth like thin nice leather that’s definitely a good vibe for the summary not gonna be too stuffy and I’m definitely a cool one one last look at I gotta say I’m just trying to like I’m a lot oh they always grow me like Blazers always just start growing on me I definitely off light ones don’t even get me started on those you know what I was saying so hope you guys enjoy it outside review I definitely say true to size 12 is fitting just right on me on the Blazers the town was a little bit too big so maybe half a size up on the Blazers and go just true to size on the tail winds now back inside to my other previous self because he’s getting way too hot out here and we are back ladies and gentlemen so you guys probably saw those on feet talked about how they were and everything these are definitely one of my favorites I got actually SB Blazers as well when they did release that nike stranger things shoes I’m not Nike but actual skate stores and I loved him I was debating on keeping these but I got a good price on themselves you know I might as well just let these go and focus on another maybe orange label Nike SB blazer because those are even better in my opinion with like an IKE nice simple black swoosh on them Oh white with a white silhouette so anyways that’s it for hosting the most hope you guys enjoy this one we did have the Blazers and I’ll give me one last look at the tail one so you guys can see both pairs right here let me know which one is your favorite if you guys are going for any more of them if you guys are big fans of the actual show comment down below the references in this video because honestly have no idea what is going on all I know is the good snake Teresa was there for some of it so hope you guys enjoyed nike stranger things shoes got so much for watching good luck you guys are trying to get these Blazers are pretty much gone and they might be at select retailers I know no foot sites heading the tan ones are probably you can find under each sale these are coming close to retail now they’re not really filming for much anymore but you guys probably get your hands on so thank guys so much for watching that’s it for me make sure subscribe the channel please I appreciate it so much hit that hit that red bow go thank you so much peace

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