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nike tennis shoes womenI haven’t changed my nike tennis shoes women what for 2 years and do you guys know how many new sneakers I got exactly hey what’s up guys it’s ‘gosh Elina and I’m finally back with a new video a long awaited video my sneaker collection 2019 I have to sneak a collection 2017 video up I mean if you haven’t watched it I hope you did watch it I’m gonna link the other video down below actually don’t even know I skipped my single collection 2018 but that just means I’m gonna show you a lot more sneakers now I’m trying to leave out the nike tennis shoes women I have showed you before because it doesn’t really make sense to show you everything again so what I have to do now is take most of the sneakers I think I’m gonna take all of them down because of OCD because none of the right ones need to be at the right spot I’m going to take all of this down I’m gonna open you don’t even see how many boxes aren’t in here I need to put these back in boxes need to bring them to my storage unit I know you guys want to know where my storage unit is but yeah let me know talk to my snuggle with let’s get straight to the video alright guys I moved all of the boxes if you could see what kind of mess is going on here I could scream like as boxes literally everywhere army this is a whole workout and I’m telling you guys like I’m doing this like two seconds before these nike tennis shoes women I’m finished already and I have three more rows to go these are all of the sneakers from the wall and I even have more here in the living room looks like such a mess alright guys the one is empty it’s clean but I put all my new sneakers now onto the wall so stay watching because we’re going to show you my sneaker collection 2019 finally all of the nike tennis shoes women are on the wall it took me literally hours I think it took me like five hours it’s gonna look so easy in this video but it took me hours I’m gonna show you every nike tennis shoes women that you see here on this wall in detail let’s get to it I just went for a quick lunch break and I was thinking I could just do this without anyone noticing it but since I mean like a baby if you notice this it’s because it was just eating something I’m gonna start with the bottom row the bottom row is 99% designer uhm that’s already reason I’m having them at the bottom they just go nicely with the boots I’m having over there so we started with the Tommy jeans icon nike tennis shoes women platform sneaker so here we have the Alexander McQueen oversized sneaker as you can see cleaning them as more than over – these are the Burberry vented check cotton sneakers with some velcro straps MCM Puma collab here we have the snicker from Chanel in white in pink white and black and all black so these Chanel nike tennis shoes women are one of my favorite sneakers I know that cost a bit much but actually they’re super comfortable because I have some designers sneakers they’re not as comfortable but they cost basically the same here we have the Louis Vuitton runaway trainer the speed trainer from Balenciaga onto the race runners from Balenciaga an orange in blue and another race runner from Balenciaga in black here we have the cloud nike tennis shoes women from Buffalo this might be a bit different for you guys but maybe you remember like that kind of days everyone was wearing Buffalo sneakers and I love them here we have the easy 950 in Tata the Louis Vuitton desert boot so this row here is a full row of Nike Air Force Ones one of my favorite nike tennis shoes women as they’re so timeless and yeah I have different kind of ones though it’s not all the same the Nike Air Force one utility in Olive same pair in black Nike lab Air Force one in nude same one in Olive Nike Air Force one up step premium bread-and-butter some velvet Air Force ones in a nice purple color way and in green one of my most recent purchases another velvet and pink I am loving the gold details on the laces and here here we have another Nike Air Force one white and pink pink laces white and orange Nike Air Force One saij low in yellow as well olive green as well one of my favorite colors as you guys know Nike Air Force one and nike tennis shoes women ┬ájust xx a nude and thing I am loving this detail here with the logo the tag the white pear bust on pear I told you I’m loving Air Forces especially these Nike Air Force just that xx I’m loving them and these are mine I’m quickly going to the shop nike tennis shoes women that’s why they’re so dirty I literally wear them I think like every day they just go of everything so the next word is a bit of a mix-up we have some real bugs here some 90s and some humor sneakers over there I know in my last sneaker collection video a lot of you guys were coming for me for saying Puma and I’m German just so you know and I know that the bread is actually pronounced Puma but I’m so used to it cuz I’ve been also working with you man I’m just saying peel my Puma so in the UK we say Puma a pair of Reebok classics I mean I took most of my Reeboks down but these are super cute Nike MX 98 onto my Nike MX 720 white and pink so this is the Nike MX 720 and it’s a brand new silhouette it literally came out earlier this year so it’s a 29 teen nike tennis shoes women which is amazing and I’m loving this silhouette it’s super comfortable I’m loving the soil nike actually invited me to the launched earlier this year and gifted me this pair this is like a futuristic colorway I’m loving it than an all-black pair here we have some Nike Air Max 270 in white and orange white pink and orange a bit of blue to 70s and pink red black and yeah pink reddish creeper fancy by Rihanna q mom aras x toys Puma or puma really did their thing with these nike tennis shoes women these are the RS x toys I am obsessed with this colorway guys and you know what they’re not only looking good they also super super comfortable another pair of the Puma RS x these are the script ones now on to another world which is also one of my absolute favorite rows because I’m such a Nike Vapor max fan here we have the off-white Nike laser the off-white Nike presto I’m loving them this is actually one of my favorites out of the collection and a lot of people actually always kasnia for wearing the tag so I need to know how do you guys wear them I’m gonna continue to wear the tank but how do you guys prefer them with the tag or without let me know in the comments on to my vapor Mex collection nike tennis shoes women vapor mates 2.0 neon always works I love this another 2.0 in rust pink on to the vapor max 3.0 this is my latest vapor mags addition onto the vapor max 2019 in neon yellow green same pair in pink another vapor mix 2019 pair and gold another vapor mix a little bit different though these are the vapor makes mach 2.0 they don’t have laces obviously we need some off-white in a good nike tennis shoes women collection especially when it comes to the vapor mixer so here we have the off white vapor mags 2.0 here are the oh geez here we have the nike vapor makes these are the old the og vapor mixes in lilac nike MXD are also a new silhouette these are actually transparent here white and black of the Nike Amex tear and another pair with the next row it gets very interesting because I dedicated most of my hybrid nike tennis shoes women to this role I mean I have some different kind of sneakers over there but most of them a hybrid sneakers for those that don’t know what hybrid sneakers all I’m gonna explain it to you guys so basically if you combine more than one different silhouettes on let’s say Nike Vapor mix mix with a Nike MX plus and you combine these two silhouettes and make a new one out of them we start in the hybrid row with the vapor Max 97 followed by the same pair in gold here we have the Shawn Witherspoon Nike MX 1 / 97 so this right here is my absolute favorite hybrid out of all of my hybrid nike tennis shoes women so it’s a mix of the Nike MX 97 and the Nike MX 1 as you can see and loving them I’m loving the color way they super comfortable and I remember like 15 years back I was the biggest fan of the Nike mx1 here we have the Nike MX plus 97 here we have the Nike Vapor megs+ so guys we’re doing Footwear signs now this is a hybrid like I explained to you guys earlier so just to visualize it for you guys if you combine the sole of the vapor mix with the silhouette of the MX plus you get this a nude this is like green olive khaki Vitamix plus in an icy grey and a rainbow color black and white very simple and classic yeah and last but not least all black onto the night zoom 2k and wide gray so here we have the nike tennis shoes women Zoom 2k which are inspired by the early 2000s so it reminds me of like a typical Baskerville silhouette mixed with a little bit of the m2k techno from Nike and another colorway and white and black this is my absolute favorite pair so for the next row I actually had to take down some of my Nike MX 97’s because I need some more variety on you I do have some of them in the box of sound garnish I’m gonna nike tennis shoes women them in some old-school bands in red some old-school fans the colorway is called Yacht Club as you guys noticed I took a lot of my vans off the shelves and when I bought them I was visualizing that I needed this Tommy Hilfiger sweater at the head at this particular time but I couldn’t get my hands on them because it was sold out everywhere but then I went to New York and if you watch my New York room you guys know that I’ve bought a puffer jacket from Tommy which is a perfect man let me just show you guys the jacket quickly so you know so this is the power that I found in the man section in New York and I was like I need to buy this jacket because this is literally guys this is the perfect match feel a disruptor to Fila disrupt the two premium onto my Nike Amex 97’s and nike tennis shoes women I have loads of them these are the ultra wants another ultra pair and another ultra pair here we have a 97 in yellow white and black my own creation a bright sunny yellow so this Nike M is 97 per is super special to me because I customized them in collaboration with a designer called made black I’m going to link him down in the description box so I was wishing and hoping for a yellow Nike MX 97 and nike tennis shoes women but they were just not at the market so I was just like why not let me just cut up away it with someone that can just create them for me and I love yellow as you guys know this is my favorite color so I needed them and then yeah he painted them for me and we actually decided to also sell them and they went viral and crazy we actually had to put a hold on these orders because everyone decided to order them which I’m so grateful for actually a few months later nike tennis shoes women drop is simular colorway but to be honest with you guys I don’t think the 90 colorway is paying us this one so Nike if you want to have that colorway highlight your girl orange baby pink and another pain this time with a black so long another pair in let me call this purple purple grayish here we have the off-white 97 super cute I also love that the tag is blue and a red 97th and gold then the camel ones I went for obviously I’m German I went for the German peg but if you don’t like the flag you can remove it as well and the last pair of the 97’s with a little bit of glitter here then we have a pair of 95s that unfortunately didn’t make it on my shelves so for this rule you can tell I’m short now I have some Nike MX plus or TMS and some of my Jordans over there so here we have the first pair of my night EMS plus also known as the Nike Tien I must have showed you these and my other nike tennis shoes women video but these are the Nike T ends in olive green still one of my favorites even though I have them for a few years now another pair in mint green super cute and in lilac I showed you the 95 and the 97 of this drop this is the Nike Tien out of their collection neon orange and last but not least this colorway here we have the Nike Air Jordan one from the season of her collection normally I have the feeling that Jordan especially the colorways are more catered to men but with this job these are the Nike Air Jordan 1 and they are from the season of her collection I don’t know if you remember this but basically Jordan dropped a whole collection with colorways dedicated to US women and I’m appreciating this the Jordan one in Coto another Air Jordan 1 and nike tennis shoes women shutter backboards the colorway here we have the Nike Air Jordan 3 cement you must remember this pair from my first Nika collection video they’re not leaving my shelves yet I’m just emotionally attached to them the Nike Air Jordan 11 concorde another Nike Air Jordan 11 this is the best colorway that ever dropped in my opinion the Harris ones so the top row is full of my beloved Adidas nike tennis shoes women I took a lot of Yeezys down because I’m not really wearing them anymore but I do still have some in here and I know love if you guys say adidas bad it is product and you guys and I love to tell you guys that I’m actually sometimes saying stuff right so adidas ultra boost nude haven’t had these on yet but I tried them on and they’re super comfortable adidas eqt Pecha here we have the adidas nmd H you by Pharrell Williams from the solar pack is this particular one another cut away from the same peg onto the adidas Falcon in olive green I didn’t really do the thing with the Falcon one of my favorite silhouettes from adidas after the superstar I’m still a huge superstar fan this is just like a timeless nike tennis shoes women in my opinion but I needed a new favorite Adidas sneakers and stuff Arkans straight office like my absolutely favorite sneaker at the moment from adidas here we have another pair of Falcons this is actually the very first pair of Falcons that I got here we have an all-black pair of Falcons this is the latest addition to my Falcons Adi does young once I’m loving this colorway are definitely gonna rock the hell out of them this summer a pair of the easy 500 then the 350s in sesame we all know the chunky trainers are in fashion at the moment so this is what chunky nike tennis shoes women from adidas it’s a collab with naked here we have the adidas Nigel got their reflective here we have the adidas sleek super simple that was my updated sneaker collection 2019 I’m so sorry that I couldn’t show you all of my sneakers but I have good news for you if you haven’t watched my previous nike tennis shoes women collection as most of the sneakers in there are not in this video make sure to click the link in the description box I’ll make sure it’s a link it down below and then I want to know which one out of all the nike tennis shoes women that I showed you today are your personal favorites let me know in the comments and then make sure to LIKE and subscribe and then I see you guys in my next video bye bye

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