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what is going on guys has here collective kicks calm if you guys want to shop this week stop sticker deals check the link in the description as well as if you guys want to shop any of the nike wide shoes that I discuss in this video friendly to us wide footers out there so before we get into the video though I want to let you know that this is obviously very very subjective so just because I say that these are wide foot friendly nike wide shoes does not mean that they’re 100 percent perfect for you as you guys all know you all have different feet so if you guys have other suggestions that I’m not mentioning in this video leave a comment let other people know what nike wide shoes that you guys think are really nice for people that have wider feet now that we got that out of the way let’s go and get into my top 5 shoes for comfort that our wide foot friendly alright so the first shoe on this list is the adidas alpha boost it has a really wide base on the bottom of this shoe which makes it really really nice for wider feet Li’s for myself these felt really good on feet the content on the rubber traction is actually a really nice plus on the bottom and it does have a breathable mesh upper as well as a very comfortable boost midsole as you already know boost has a lot of cushion for the pushin and it feels really good on feet this one has a good amount on this shoe this is also a really versatile shoe so if you can only afford one nike wide shoes like this one you can go running it can workout in this shoe you can wear this shoe casually as well which is why I like the fact that it has kind of an all-in-one feel to the shoe price point is 150 dollars but I have been posting them on sale for as low as 1 20 so far I bet they will go down in price one other thing I wanted to mention is these we’re pretty easy to get on my feet I definitely like a nike wide shoes that’s loose and easy to slip on and there’s enough of a hole around the ankle area that you should be able to slip these on with no problem but it is very versatile for running walking and these are very lightweight so it is my number 5 spot on the countdown moving on to the number 4 spot we have the New Balance 99 this shoe is super wide foot friendly it definitely feels like a dad shoe it’s just super comfortable shoe as soon as you put them on and I know they’re not the most attractive nike wide shoes out there but honestly I don’t really care because as soon as you put them on your feet I don’t know what it is about the shoe but I feel like a super dad like one I’m like okay I definitely feel like these are like the barbecue fives or something like that they’re just super comfortable and you know I had to run and chase my kid on his bike and then we’re really comfortable for that as well there was no break-in period they have suede and mesh the reflective hits the New Balance is actually really nice and then made in the USA proudly on the tongue there the tongue is massively huge easy to get on the way I have them lace and I always double lace the top you can see I put the lace through the top hole the second time and then it pulls the laces down and that’s pretty much it they’re super easy to slide on pass the no hands test you just slip them on and go comfortable nike wide shoes price point on these are a little bit high though I will say you’d be better off buying the v4 instead of the v5 but both of them are great and honestly the new balance line in general this isn’t the only one that you guys will find comfortable with New Balance there’s a whole bunch of other ones on the market from New Balance that you guys can’t find really comfortable and even on their website they do have different widths that you could choose when you buy the nike wide shoes so for those extreme white footers check out New Balances site tons and tons of options for wide foot people but these do have a durable upper a well cushioned midsole and a really nice insole to the shoe as well they’re definitely more comfortable than expected the price point on these retail at 175 dollars though the price is a little bit higher alright so coming in at the number three spot we have one of my favorite nike wide shoes of the year so far and this is the nike react presto super-lightweight really wide foot friendly very very nice on feet and crazy-crazy comfort with the react midsole they do have real minimal traction and one thing I will say is that if you’re looking for a shoe that’s more versatile and one that you can wear to the gym as well like I wouldn’t lift weights in these nike wide shoes for some of you guys you might do it but I think that they’re way too flimsy in the toe box area to lift weights or anything else so this is strictly a casual shoe in my opinion but they do it really really well especially for that price point only 120 dollars you get a huge amount of react in the bottom of these nike wide shoes and they’re definitely wide foot friendly is for myself I was really surprised by this shoe when I try them on because I personally think they’re really ugly looking a lot of people don’t agree but I just don’t like to look at these nike wide shoes but on feet it didn’t matter because they were so incredibly comfortable it is definitely a very free feeling when you’re walking around with these because of the stretch upper some may like it some may actually not like it but at the end of the day an amazing shoe in my opinion and for wider feet it looks and feels really really good so moving on to the number two spot one of the most expensive ones in the countdown $300 at retail but the easy boost 700 is super wide foot friendly definitely a chunky dad shoe you could see the width of this nike wide shoes I mean it’s just ridiculous and they feel really really good on feet I actually do like to even go up a half a size in the toe box section for these ones so I get a 9.5 true to size or sometimes I’ll get a size 10 either way I’m happy but I honestly do prefer the 10 if you do realize that you got them one that’s too snug you can always remove the insole and adds a little bit better feel to the shoe especially in this section right here which is normally where I feel the most tension for my feet in nike wide shoes so take the insoles out and then this section should feel better thumbs up if you guys did not know that and maybe that little pro tip helped you out a little bit but all in all I think this is a great shoe it’s a chunky dad shoe vibe for sure obviously this is a waverunner colorway so it is the one that a lot of people really like with the 700s even with the restock will be interesting to see what people think about these after August because they are restocking the masses even for kid sizes from what it sounds like so definitely looking forward to that rumor is that the price point will be only 250 at retail but regardless it is a comfortable boost encased midsole as you could see right here they’re very wide foot friendly and I think that these are definitely for non-athletic usage so definitely for casual only but maybe if you guys go running in these I don’t know it looked honestly ridiculous I’d love to see somebody run a marathon in 700 so I’d be hilarious there’s also the v2 version that I’ve done a review on I compared the v2 geode right here to the v1 mob colorway and if you guys want to see that video check my channel out or just search geode and mob and you guys should be able to find my video but great nike wide shoes one that I have quite a few colorways in and one that I actually really like and they feel really good on feet the number two spot on the countdown alright so we made it to the number one spot on the countdown if you guys and the video please give the video a thumbs up as well as leave other comments for other wide foot friendly nike wide shoes that you guys find as your go-to shoes that I did not mention in this countdown because it could have been a top 10 these are just five that I figured would be the essentials or great ones for you guys out there so number one spot wait a minute I know it looks like the wave runner because I did the customization on my Nike monarch’s and the number one spot has to go to the Nike monarch for wide foot friendly nike wide shoes it’s a fan favorite of dads everywhere grandpa’s uncles as well no seriously like everywhere you go you see old people wearing monarchs but regardless they’re really really comfortable and I know why they wear them they’re super wide foot friendly but they’re also really really relaxed and they feel good just casually they’re just all-around great nike wide shoes these also come in different widths but all-in-all the nike air monarch is one of these staples and the cornerstones of nike in general it’s one of the top selling shoes from nike of all time from what i understand so pretty pretty crazy to know but the funny thing is the monarchs have been picked up by nike wide shoes heads as somewhat sort of a mockery but at the end of the day the joke is really on everyone else because they’re super comfortable like this shoe is super comfortable to wear it’s one that I’ve worn a handful of times and I really like them but but that is the number one spot for wide foot friendly sneakers what nike wide shoes did I miss on the countdown I’m sure there’s a thousand other shoes that people like well these ones are great on feet and they’re comfortable to leave those comments in the comments section and let me know if you guys like to see more videos like this or just want me to revive my top 5 series which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now maybe I do a monthly top five instead of weekly because it’s hard to do a weekly top 5 but leave a comment let me know and leave a thumbs up on this video let me know you’re serious about my top 5 videos have a good rest of the day subscribe if you’re new to the channel notification about to be notified of when the videos go live and we will see you guys

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