nike zoom winflo 5 womens

nike zoom winflo 5 womens I like I hit five miles today or something was about five miles so um I wanted to go a little bit more about I was just getting pooped out so I’m gonna do a shoe review and I think the other set came in so a couple of weeks ago I got a couple weeks ago I got the nike zoom winflo 5 womens six all right but Nike run small I got flat white feet big flat white feet in there thick like Fred Flintstone feet and the thing is on five eight and I wear a size 11 and Nike they make them kind of small and narrow a lot of shoes are gonna be especially running shoes are gonna be narrow you’re gonna hear a lot of reviews on nike zoom winflo 5 womens and they always say that the shoe is narrow if you got wide feet right so Nike usually it’s common that you go a half a size up very common with Nikes right and you don’t like Nikes cuz they don’t fit right like me maybe go half a size up and maybe you’ll change your attitude you don’t like the fact that nike zoom winflo 5 womens apparently does like slave labor I don’t know what shoe doesn’t I don’t know if Under Armour’s any better or ace is any better I think I think they pretty much all do um a lot of them do the sweatshop sweatshop sweatshop labor in foreign countries right goods abroad so alright it is I’m a stickler for red and black but mostly red so I do with this okay but when it comes to my feet me running that’s why I do spend money I don’t care I don’t drink I don’t simp not as a release lately so all things that I can continue not doing that okay so it’s been a while all right so now let me open up this box so it’s going to be the same shoe I think but it’s gonna be red if that’s what I got cuz I ordered things through Amazon and sometimes everything comes in at once let me see okay I think these are it so let me put this down before I stab myself took me a while to get yeah all right these are gonna be it my Oakley glasses right here they just fell okay and obviously a lot more comfortable now doing these videos because in my car because it’s not freakin 100-something degrees no more it’s actually cool off but right now I was like 82 degrees it’s it’s I know with October getting towards the end of October but a lot nicer than what it’s been it’s fine cool off here in Texas okay right here I love these things already so let’s go okay let me explain okay look I wish this was black instead of white these are like the shoe okay if you’ve seen the Pegasus this kind of is like these are like the Pegasus okay but the Box nike zoom winflo 5 womens Zoom wind flows six okay that’s what they’re call these will cost you I got these at the Nordstrom’s rack I went to norms some drak I thought it was mostly for females but I thought they have clothes there one time I bought a cologne for one penny and I thought well you know maybe they got some deals on some fragrances maybe I got some Creed action over there or something or Bleecker Street or something but no I didn’t see any of that but I saw these shoes there nor shows rack has some good stuff for man god these nike zoom winflo 5 womens okay these shoes so far may tell you put them on very comfortable when I saw half a size up eleven and a half ran about seven miles in them felt good didn’t have to break a man then that I need to break them in or anything like that I’ve only had seven miles and I and I said wish you am I going to wear for the half marathon so I wear my a six the K a knows gel-kayano they’re they’re cold or do I wear these the candles were kind of bothering me the bottom of my feet a little bit and I just put vaseline on them I’m on my feet the rubbing or something I don’t know there never happened to me with panels before I don’t know hey hey seven miles not no problem then race I did not stop 13.1 miles consistently did not stop – but I think hilly course whatever I didn’t do that I was met one minute off my time but these nike zoom winflo 5 womens my feet actually did not hurt nothing hurt I mean a little sore here and there but no so now look wise I’m gonna give these a nine and a half the only that stop this forgiving me at ten is this isn’t black and I will try to mark it or pain it up but I meant I’ve done that before just I made it look worse okay same thing so these are like a pegasus okay but a wider a little bit wider than the pegasus and um it could even be you could say the cheaper the the poor man if you don’t haven’t want to spend $150 on Pegasus you can go half price and get these and whatever the pegasus but they don’t have it I have the I have Pegasus before they were narrow for some reason I didn’t feel like they didn’t have a lot of breathing room I felt these to me these would maybe be a step down for the Pegasus but for me it works better I think I’ve got some error air-cushion the nike zoom winflo 5 womens air pocket right here okay good support for uh for a light it’s not you gonna shoot bends right I don’t almost don’t want to bend them I’ve been in I used once ok the shoe bands okay but there is good support and impact is uh easy on your feet okay the candles we’re still hurting my feet after about around the five mile mark the candles would hurt my feet these I don’t have that problem I don’t know if it’s because of that this the way how its oval shaped or v-shaped or whatever it’s called right here in the back so geez so far on my best running shoes like nike zoom winflo 5 womens okay so what I buy them again yes how much does he cost me these were I think seventy something dollars on Amazon and he’s worth seventy some dollar no sixty-seven dollars at Nordstrom’s rack or something like that so you know high 60s low 70 priests range and these are the same shoe I just I like ran I got to wear a red ma’am you know I got a cup of black sweaters and some now that it’s wintertime so he’s in completely thing done I mean he’s ain’t given I ain’t giving these away ain’t donating a goodwill not I gotta keep these okay but I’m definitely gonna wear these right now so I actually want to show people my shoes alright so that’s it I’m out of here so nike zoom winflo 5 womens is you wind flow six so I will get them um I weigh myself and I think I gained some weight I got enough all i dominantly uh I drink I drink two of these a day okay and I think when I went more getting milk in calories mosa I say 55 to 60% of my protein and calories comes from milk okay and I think for some reason I thought I would lose weight but but I think it’s actually helped me gain some muscle okay so this is what I’ve been taking they don’t sponsor me but I have two one in the morning and then one well it’s not morning I then I’ll have another one either for my lunch or for my dinner so but um I hope it’s not true I’m a hundred and ninety something pounds they said one I hope it’s off but I went from 183 185 to about one night now apparently 195 so I hope it’s the muscle my ran running is still good so remember I am a heavier consider a heavier runner based on my height and these nike zoom winflo 5 womens have been good for me so I’ll talk to you later take care bye bye

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