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I’m bringing you the red nike shoes October let’s get to it I kicked it in the many tables missing me holy crap had to give me raps for the misery heavy snap I smile the bitches make a gift for me I’m laughing out the bank on my way to the dispensary get my haircut my nigga Kenny do that shit for free the amenities and living life like a fucking Jeep when will they understand that niggas can trouble me an hour going to see me in the lap of luxury puppy smoking grass to this grass that I’m underneath chillin at the pad with a bad one for company I make the haters mad with the can side company only what I’ve done for free check my bank account near with that like red nike shoes that’s pretty solid for young nigga born in 93 never have pilots full of young chicken’s let’s stick to me that is where I make my mind wanna skip a beat they focus you in a great mode and just make more dough you gotta stay golden as much as I let her swim she got a great ocean and I can spice it up if I use a motion talking about like the big this life’s a token and I’m all in her friend that’s – I’ll a loli ever since I could remember alright so getting right into it you can see that we have a orange red nike shoes NSW box something I want you guys to notice is that this has a white about box label so what happened was Nike did not have enough boxes to supply the demand and supply the quantity of the areas that were released because originally they didn’t even think I’d ever gonna release them but once the Memphis distributing félicité facility got the OK to send them out they didn’t have enough boxes because they started scraping them so then they’ve just got random boxes and they put just white labels because they didn’t have enough time to just print them out if you guys don’t believe me and still think that these are fake even though they’re not and I’ll show you guys a receipt you can go to scoop 208 pay channel he does unboxing the stuff and he did an unboxing of his and he didn’t get a NSW he got like one of the old Nike and SW boxes with only the red nike shoes check and he got the same exact tag so check that out if you don’t believe me alright so when you open a box you get the the bag that all the air you see two’s come with this one is a red nike shoes just a red bag it’s blue stick nylon mesh you got the horse logo right there and at the ends you have more lace tips and then you have the least talk about lace locks which has the same material found on the scaly part like the triangle part of the shoe and you have a numeral number two on the back of that one same thing on that one on the back of the bag you have Nike Sportswear all right so right when you pull the shoes out of the box you can see I mean they’re pretty much all red nike shoes hence the name Red October pretty much just I mean I’m pretty speechless about the shoe it’s definitely one of my grilles I just added to my collection of the area z2 so when I went to sneaker con now I have the solders and the red Octobers now I’m just trying to find the plats so I mean the red nike shoes color of it isn’t really red and my camera’s probably not picking it up but it’s not actually red it’s more of an infrared color the most like I don’t know how expendable like the the closest to red I think would be the kind of like that the suede just a little bit lighter than the suede on the toe box so I mean there isn’t really much red nike shoes on the shoe it’s more like an infrared color so let me just show you guys the receipt real quick just so you guys I already scratched off all the stuff don’t really know if you can see it but says that they released on February 9th 2014 for a resale of 245 so the whole like once you bought them from red nike shoes though the total price was $266 for 13 cents alright so the most noticeable change on the Aries on this type of aries ii ii is the the type of upper that it has the this uppers don’t really know it is kind of like a triangle or like some type of aluminized shit or something here you have the infrared swoosh with all the jagged like 3d cuts into it and the best way you can tell if these are fake or not is you can look at the the end of it and if the triangles are complete then it’s most likely authentic some of the reps are starting to get a little bit better but they still haven’t conquered it all the way but if it’s like halfway cut you can just see half of the triangle then it’s not real here it’s like a little bit shiny and a more embossed than the fake so that’s another way you can tell the islets are a lot darker on the on this on the authentic pair than the replica pair the laces are basically the same but you guys can see that it’s all like an all red nike shoes triangle pattern on the and the back of like where the triangles are placed on top of is all red mesh type of like a like a woven mesh so that’s pretty pretty cool as well all right so on the back you have the five ridges kind of like like a like shark fins or something or the back of Kanye’s neck you don’t even know so one two three four five I mean if they don’t have five that’s obviously either some fake ass shit that you got from a Fugazi website so I would have to say the only flaw about the shoe would have to be the midsole I mean this paint job is just freakin terrible it looks like a kindergartener finger paint to this shit I mean I know that they rush to get these out so that’s probably the reason but I mean it’s just I mean they could did a better job on this but I mean the rest of the shoe is a lot better just for this part right here but most of it is all of it is just the infrared color and then in the air bubble you have infrared in there too the midsole is inspired by the the air tech challenge – if you guys didn’t know that also on the upper you have this ballistic nylon mesh with stitched in eyelets when it cut until it comes up to the scale pattern or so the front part of this shoe you have a mesh tongue and then right here one of my favorite parts of the the ez twos are these straps that’s also in red nike shoes the laces are like a really really infrared color you can see that I just have like an I keep in there bottom-4 sticker con su the lace tips also have a gold tips on them which is a nice addition and then right here you have your your your easy to lace lock on the back you have the room number two I don’t think the fakes have gotten to them yet so I don’t think the fakes have to have the Roman numeral number two on the back so if you’re if you’re trying to buy a pair make sure that you ask them for a picture of the back of the lace lock you have the same material that’s on the scales as well on the tongue you have the horse logo and then you have the honeycomb pattern another way you could tell the fakes the they haven’t perfected the honeycomb pattern and also the tongues a lot looks a lot like kind of beaten and it has a darker like a darker type of mesh so like the lines are a lot darker the whorish logo is a lot darker except for the like inside the honeycomb which is the a infrared color all right so the insole is an all red nike shoes leather this leather is actually really really nice and so this shoe is actually a little bit more comfortable than my Soler’s after me I mean I think this leather is a lot better but on the back you have an embossed embossed the Hort of the embossed horse logo and then you have a triangle right there’s like some Illuminati shit another way you can tell the fakes this is debossed and it’s not call it like it’s not that a dark color the front of the insole has all the perforations right there the back of it just all black this insole is actually really really thin also under the insole you have the like all the random letters on this pair the red nike shoes Octobers it has ALR at the end I know that the letters are supposed to represent like who helped create it so you see like the kW Kanye West and just all the other stuff I don’t understand what it means but if you guys do be sure to leave a comment below the sole of the shoe is all red nike shoes glow in the dark I mean it’s actually glowing dark really really bright I’ll I’ll bring you guys a glow-in-the-dark test video I just don’t have time right now so it’s just a quick review on the soles just basically already inspired by the air tech challenge – alright so thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed that review be sure to leave a like comment and subscribe to stay up to date with all of my videos also be sure to check out my other videos and follow me on Instagram and Twitter at red nike shoes head bay i’ll put that below in the description so thank you guys again for watching this video and big shout outs that’s one that came to sneaker con really nice meeting you guys shoutout to Bryce and I see pickups everyone that was at the table so if you guys were at if you guys were there be sure to tell me what you picked up in my case I picked up these so be sure to tell me look if you were there and what you picked up so I’m gonna Lacey’s up for an offbeat this was red nike shoes head day and I’m out the light when the circle small y’all niggas maximize the effortless approach over man cuz you know it ain’t swag if you had to try right

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