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the sacai nike waffle  racer nylon in the white colourway as well as the black colorway so in this video i am gonna be breaking down this nigra i am gonna be talking about what makes this sneaker so different than some of the previous versions of the sacai nike waffle  racer i’m also of course gonna be talking about how to style the sneaker give you some sizing advice as well as talk about resale predictions and at the end of the video of course as always i will give you guys a non feet look so make sure you stick around so i managed to get both these sneakers guys believe it or not i managed to get both of these from sacai nike waffle  so the last time I actually hit on the Nike sneakers app was all the way last year when the Jordan 1 turbo greens came out so it’s been almost like a full calendar year since I actually won something on the Nike sneakers app and can you believe it actually won both colorways man I actually hit on both colorways on sacai nike waffle  and I couldn’t believe it man I’m just a stunned of you guys before I even get into the review let me know down in the comments which colorway do you guys prefer and also let me know if you prefer this nylon one over the previous sakai releases before I even start talking about it let me know down in the comments which one do you prefer from strictly a colorway point of view for me definitely the white one looks a lot better so this is like a white and grey combination this black one just looks a little bit basic to me however I can’t really hit on it because it’s definitely an everyday shoe extremely wearable sacai nike waffle and definitely highlights the silhouette quite well but for me definitely I preferred the white one it just looks super super clean also speaking of the colorway as you guys last year there was an additional white pair as well as a black pair that dropped and if I’m just comparing the colorways of those two sneakers compared to this black and white pair I would say just strictly from a colorway point of view those ones to me just looked a lot nicer compared to these however this one is completely new materials and the way this was marketed I thought it was pretty much just the exact same sneaker except with nylon instead of mesh but there’s actually a lot of differences in the materials in the sneaker it’s almost like a complete makeover of the sacai nike waffle  racer and let’s get into that so of course the biggest difference as you guys already know is the replacement of the mesh on the original nakiya nakai on the original sacai nike waffle  racer the mesh has been replaced with a nylon material and for me that is a major upgrade for this sneaker because my biggest complaint of those original sneakers was in fact being mesh because it just felt really cheap and it felt like at any moment like I could rip a hole in them so let me grab the og sacai nike waffle  so if you guys have been following this channel for a while you already know this sneaker right here this green gusto colorway was for me the sneaker of the year last year in 2019 I absolutely love the way this shoe looks and especially this colorway is insane but let’s just compare the materials right now so on the previous pair along the toe guard area you had this suede material however on the new pair as you guys can see on this white pair we have this leather along the toe guard another major difference is the addition of this hairy suede material and different accents of the shoe as you can see along the lace the lace loop as well as one of these swooshes you can see the swoosh on the on the back is done in that same suede material and of course the back of the sacai nike waffle now is done entirely in this hairy suede material it does feel really nice when you touch it but besides the nylon on the upper the second biggest change on the sneaker are these new laces so as you guys can see these sneakers come standard with a ribbon laces both the black pair as well as the I pair have these standard ribbon laces on there I’m not so sure how I feel about these because I feel like these laces will get dirty quite fast especially this white pair and underneath the ribbon laces you can see there’s these really thin another thin rope style lace underneath the cool thing though about these ribbon laces is that the lace tips are done in this metallic gold and once again that’s just like another added touch of this all-around like premium feeling sneaker to me this sneaker is come is like entirely like a luxury upgraded version of the original sacai nike waffle  staccato ofle racer you got more premium materials you got these gold touches you got these ribbon laces it just overall feels like a much better quality sneaker and yeah it definitely gives me a luxury vibes especially in these clean colorways if you guys haven’t enjoyed this video so far and you find it useful don’t forget to smash that like button you know it helps me out with that YouTube algorithm and of course subscribe for more content I’m dropping reviews every single week so make sure you stick around for more so if you guys aren’t a fan of the ribbon laces then don’t worry both the black and the white pair come with two additional pairs of regular flat style laces as you know everything on this shoe is pretty much double so they give you two pairs because you’re supposed to wear both those pairs together so when this sacai nike waffle came out last year it was really revolutionary in terms of design as you guys know the biggest feature of this shoe is the fact that pretty much it has kind of this like seeing double vibe all over the shoe so you have to swooshes you got two tongues on the sneaker you have two mid soles there’s pretty much two of everything on the sneaker two different laces on each sneaker and this design was so popular that sacai nike waffle  actually started even incorporating this and some of their other sneakers one of the most popular Air Force ones that came out last year was the Air Force One shadow and to me that sneaker is pretty much like a sakai Air Force one now I’m not sure about official numbers but it did feel like they were way pairs of these two rather than any of the previous Sakai collabs I mean besides the fact that I managed to hit on sacai nike waffle  on both I did notice that some of the local stores here in Berlin also had a lot of pairs in stock and so I feel like so many people were able to cop this quite easily so when it comes to styling this sneaker so this Negro so you guys already know the type of pants I like the way I like to wear you know like baggy or more looser fitting pants unfortunately those pants do not work at all with this sneaker this is one of those sacai nike waffle that you definitely need to wear I would say like more slim fit more taper type of pants in my opinion the most perfect pair of pants that go with this sneaker is actually the Uniqlo 7 by 8 pants I will probably leave a link to that down in the description but I have many pairs of these kind of pants and they just they’re slim fit but they kind of like sit right on top of the ankles so it does leave a little bit of ankle room there and it looks so good with the sacai nike waffle  racer those are definitely my preferred pants with these pairs of shoes now of course a lot of you guys cop these sneakers simply for resale maybe you’re not feeling them you just want to flip them so here’s my advice when it comes to these sneakers I would personally just flip these right now as you guys know there is a certain illness out there I’m not gonna say the name on here because you know I’m gonna get demonetized but you guys have been watching the news you know what’s going on I feel like this is definitely gonna affect the sacai nike waffle market in some way and I see prices for not just this I see prices for pretty much all sneakers dropping in the short term until this thing kind of goes away so for that reason I think this sneaker is definitely a flip now sneaker I wouldn’t suggest holding on to it if you are willing to risk it a little bit I mean especially this white sneaker definitely much more of a summertime sacai nike waffle so prices could go back up in the summer time however I did mention that I do think that there was way more pairs of this white and black compared to the original Sakai’s and the fact that yeah people are trying to save money so right now that’s just my opinion once again pure speculation but yeah my opinion basically is these don’t hold onto these these are sell now of course if you want to buy this sacai nike waffle  I would maybe just wait like a week or so I think prices will come down even more and by the way guys if you want to buy this sneaker or any other sneaker I’ve mentioned I always leave a link down in the description so make sure you you you know help your boy out click on the link if you’re thinking of buying these sacai nike waffle  by the way guys make sure you follow me on Instagram the handle is right here it is at JD kick 6 that is definitely the easiest place to contact me and of course I am always dropping a lot of sacai nike waffle content on there as well fit picks all that good stuff so yeah make sure you give you a boy a follow the on feed portion of the video coming up right now until next time guys thank you so much for watching until next time peace

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