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today we’re going to do a review of and white nike air max the Nike Air Max 97 summit light if you guyshaven’t subscribed to the channel yet please make sure that you do so because we are giving away a brand new adidas tear up the moment we hit 5000 subscribers and also don’t forget to follow me on Instagram just hit me up Carlo a player really been a fan of white nike air max sneakers for several reasons when it came to the Stan Smith thing when it came here the Philippines it really just burst out and just overnight it felt like overnight everybody was rocking white nike air max sneakers so I felt that it was such a huge fad it was such a huge trend and that a lot of people were just driving it and that’s the reason why I never really got into the white sneaker crease now fast forward to today I did find the particular white sneaker that I really did love and that’s of course the shoe that we’ll review white nike air max today that’s the Nike Air Max 97 Sami point now what are the things that I love about this shoe and by the way this would be a fairly quick review because really a database is just a white shoe but but let me just turn down the light a bit because you guys need to see the details of the shoe and there you go so what’s what’s the special thing about the shoe it boils down to one word character when you see white nike air max shoes usually they just clean and they just use one material and they’re just one-dimensional and the thing with this one is it’s an white nike air max and air maxes are rarely one dimensional air maxes are rarely subtle and air masses are rarely boring and that’s what you have here so let’s go through the upper very quickly you have leather here at the bottom which stretches throughout the entire part above just above the midsole it’s not almost off-white thing that you guys see here moving around the shoe then after the other white nike air max that you have with the 97 you have different layers different weaves that apparently were inspired by mountain bikes that’s what I read online or the most recent press releases said that this was actually inspired by the Shinkansen bullet train over in Japan but who knows but anyway that that’s what you get with the upper you have different layers different weaves so you have what you have that leather then you have streaks of mesh then back to leather and then you the 3m piping that’s a strip that you see all over the shoe that allows it to grow glue grow glue and it gets hit by flash or by white marble wipe or by light so that’s what you have with the upper now you have that really nice metallic silver metallic grease wash on both sides as well as the thumb tab that you see here and that pretty much is the upper so it’s very clean very straightforward very nice and not I wouldn’t call it 100% subtle but it’s definitely very clean and very fresh now moving down to the midsole you have that full-length white nike air max unit here which in definitely helps with the comfort part of the shoe and this part also apparently inspired by rain drops so again something as modern looking and as you know as futuristic as the shoe was actually inspired by a lot of ordinary and clean things moving down to the shoe we have the outsole you have the rubber outsole sorry it’s a bit dirty been wearing this for a while now and then you have that Nike logo over there that shiny white nike air max logo just looks really nice now overall I love the shoe it’s a white shoe with character it’s a white shoe with personality there’s one problem I have with this shoe and it’s probably with all other white shoes in general is that it gets dirty really quickly so just a few wears and you already start to see stains dirt and different kinds of grime sticking to the white nike air max shoe because the white canvas just really gives that that dirt a lot of pop but anyway you get you guys get the idea so if you want to keep it clean you’ll really have to regularly clean it either with crab protec or whatever products that you guys have at home apart from that there’s nothing really else to be said about it you know it’s a clean white nike air max shoe really nice design really awesome personality and I just love the texture that it breaks at the table even if it’s just the white shoe for sizing of white nike air max I went a half size up mainly because I felt that the leather part here would be a little constricting and turns out that it was a right choice for me I’ve wide feet by the way so if you have normal sized feet you might go true to size but for me I decide to go half a size up now in terms of where to buy it you can get it from a lot of stores already Commonwealth Sol Academy and a bunch of other store I think a sneak peek and CAPA already have as well so it’s pretty much available in most stores already SRP is that around eight thousand pesos if you ask me though if you have that budget around eight thousand to eight thousand five hundred I’d actually recommend that you guys just do for this shoe instead I need to review of this white nike air max I’ll put a link down below this is the air maps 98 snakeskin for me this one is better because it while it is clean and subtle and it’s not totally or all-white the amount of materials in the texture and the personality pass just really stands out versus your normal white shoe so I’d go for this one over the air max 97 and white nike air max if I were to just pick one so you guys might want to check out the review of this I’ll put the link down below and that’s actually it for this review I just want to give it Keitha and that’s actually for this review this white nike air max  I want to keep it quick simple and straight forward they hope you guys enjoy it please do watch out for more content in the coming days ahead peace god bless don’t forget to subscribe

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