womens nike air max 270

it’s all of my sneakers or most of my sneakers but I’m a sneaker head so today I’m doing a review on the 270 react it’s the most popular shoe right now and I absolutely love them it’s called the womens nike air max 270 react and the colorway is phantom black light blue and these are them so I want to get into the details but right now I wanted you guys to see this is what the box looks like and the box has that reflective you see air 270 here but on a box if you tilt it you probably can’t see it on camera has a whole bunch of different womens nike air max 270 names on them so that’s the boss besides eyewear is a seven half and these are true to fit to size some of my sneakers don’t fit to size I have to go up a upper half a size or down the sides and now get into that when I get into those specific sneakers but these right now are what is up I love them this huge bubble here that’s in yellow it looks like I mean when I wore these out yesterday everybody kept asking me where I got my shoes from and this is actually the hottest shoe right now in the market of womens nike air max 270 mixes are everywhere I have I don’t know 20 pairs so but right now diesel what’s hot so let me let you take a look that’s the outside what the Nike swoosh there this feels like a felt I don’t know like a fabric material this is like a soft fabric material the inside of the shoe I’ll show you what the inside looks like and these are the bottom these shoes are pretty amazing guys what they feel like is they’re very soft and cushiony they fit snug not too tight again they fit that true to size I wear seven and a half and I bought a seven and a half they are amazing I love when I’m walking in them I feel like I’m walking on clouds that’s giving me a little spring I know that this bubble is very intimidating to some people but it does not feel that big it looks amazing if you want your hair to turn like most of us do go ahead and pick up these the retail value for these are a hundred and fifty dollars either $150 or 160 dollars I purchased mine from finish line finish line has them champs has them Foot Locker has them several different stores has have them but I didn’t have my size from womens nike air max 270 they didn’t have my size so I got mine from finish line but so take a look here again an amazing shoe I love it it’s very very comfortable since I blew out my knees and kickboxing I don’t wear heels anymore all I wear is Birkenstocks and womens nike air max 270 sneakers that’s all you’re gonna ever see me in you’re gonna see me in a pair of Birkenstocks are you gonna see me in a pair of sneakers because I have to go as comfortable when I wear heels my knees hurt it’s uncomfortable for me and I’m 43 years old and I don’t worry about you know being stacked up with my legs banging because I have to be comfortable I’m comfortable in my sneakers and I rock the heck out of these sneakers so I love these great buy out if you want I would say go get them if you want a comfortable shoe because they are absolutely amazing I love the fit you can wear with or without socks again they’re true to size I warm yesterday without socks but I also wear a very thin socks so you can wear them with socks and it does not feel tight at all great shoe I love it head-turning people can ask me where you get those shoes from I like those shoes and everywhere I went so I want to say I want to give this this particular shoe is a 5 out of 5 now they have different colorways in this shoe for men and women and kids the kids colorway is a pink and black and I’ll insert a picture here the feet the male version of this shoe looks similar to this shoe but womens nike air max 270 on the nike swoosh here is yellow and it’s other different colors and i’ll insert a picture here as well then they have the black and gray ones on the nike.com website those black and gray ones if you look at them the gray part looks like a blue jean but it’s not it’s actually black it and gray I’ll insert a picture here and those I thought I wanted to pair those but when I put them on my foot and try them on I did not like the way they look they look like orthopedic shoes to me so I did not get them so anyway if you got any questions and reference to this sneaker let me know or if you got any questions and reference to anything else let me know but yeah I want to start featuring sneakers on my channel because I love womens nike air max 270 sneakers and if you want me to review some Birkenstocks I have 20 pair of those as well but right now sneakers is what’s hot so that’s it for the video if you got any questions be blessed and not stress and I’ll see you in the next one bye guys

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