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I guess what is me again yes apparently both of my womens nike air max  shoes King today it was delivered today okay asked you if you did listen to my previous video before this one I was ranting about um that store Nice Kicks I believe that’s what is called but anyways because the fact that I ended up not buying there was a hundred and eighty dollar womens nike air max  shoes I and I went and bought the Brooks launched five tie-dyed shoes the marathon rock and roll edition just came out back from 2018 well anyways these were only a hundred right but because I was able to get those for a hundred I was able to get a second pair of womens nike air max  shoes and and um the day when you know the the ultra boost adidas the consortium Woodstock Edition style the one that’s limited unless you buy an eBay for eight hundred dollars five hundred dollars three hundred dollars I don’t know but I’m not gonna get those anyways I was debating between that one and these right here but then the sense I wasn’t sure and tilting there’s someone brought up about the Brooks tight I womens nike air max  shoes like oh my gosh I like those and then go you know what I still want to try these out and and both of them so far is comfortable like I just walked around the house you know you never know how comfortable it is until you you know walk outside with it but anyways um good these for those of you are not familiar with this brand hey I’m not the brand like the shoes itself because this is Mikey and this is the womens nike air max  and the color is right here in the box just in case you’re interested and yes is $150 I this is the first time that I’m wearing this type the max 270 react but I like my favorite colors I hit the mint green the pink the purple you know and so I thought you know what I’m just gonna try these out and I tried them on and these are a size 7 normally you know when I run you know my running shoes I get a size 7 and a half but since these as I was told these womens nike air max  running shoes I think they cost Street shoes or something or you know just for yeah I guess that’s what they cost street womens nike air max  shoe that I don’t know if you can wear it to the gym or not I don’t know but anyway so I got these in size 7 and they fit pretty good um let’s see cuz my left foot I wear size six and a half and then my right foot over size 7 so it’s just a teeny bit big just right here just a little loose on the six and a half file but otherwise it’s it’s not bad and look at the inside look at the color I just love it the insole and so yes I just thought I want to share this with you and oh yeah and womens nike air max  also free shipping I belong to the Nike Plus so I’m not sure if you’re not like you plus if you still feel being or not but because I am a Nike Plus thing so it is free shipping and in there for those of you who have birthdays coming up or whatnot you do get $20 oh if they do send you the coupon your pardon that keeps us member I think these thing your coupon or something to get you know to get $20 off this is how it looks yeah that’s it I just want to share everyone my second pair of womens nike air max  shoes like wow we would think you know office or that one company that you know that didn’t think of the customers and I end up with two womens nike air max  shoes from someplace else and yeah so thank you for watching everybody mean by ye

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